How Can a Son Deal With Grief Following The Loss Of A Father

We would like to begin by saying that death is part of life. However, there is no rule book as to how one should cope up after losing a loved one, especially if that person is a member of your family. On another note, if you have a friend who recently lost a father, it could be daunting to think of ways to approach and comfort them. If you’re in this situation right now, read on as we walk you through how a son can deal with the grief following the loss of a father so that you are better able to comfort them. In addition, if you recently lost your father, then this can also be helpful in assessing your overwhelming emotions toward what happened.

A Period of Vulnerability

Whether it’s your father, mother, or friend, losing someone to death is always a difficult experience. There will always be a period of vulnerability in everyone. This period should be respected. A son who recently lost his father will become more and more aware of how alone he is. In fact, many men experience this feeling of becoming an orphan themselves even if their mother is still alive. This stems from the idea that fathers are there to protect us and act as shields. Losing them means losing that shield.

During this period of vulnerability, sons will also feel as if they have nowhere to turn to. Friends and families are thoughtful and kind to send memorial gifts for loss of father and this is always a good thing to remind the sons that they still belong to a family. Respect the son’s period of vulnerability but sending them memorial gifts for loss of father shows that you are always there once they’re ready to talk.

Sons Become More Aware of Mortality

With the realization of death, sons will also become more and more aware of one’s own mortality. There are several studies that show that the members of society will most likely deny and avoid the reality that death will soon come for all of us. If you have a friend who lost someone, sending them memorial gifts for loss of father is a subtle and kind way of reminding them that even though death is part of everyone’s reality, it doesn’t completely disregard the fact that they had lived a worthy life.

All of your attempts may not work at first. However, this is part of the grieving process as the reality that we are all subjected to death will not immediately sink in. Give them time to process what has happened, what’s happening, and what they can do from that point onward.

Remind them that being strong all the time is overrated. Make them feel that they are loved and that their fathers have lived a great life. There’s no point in hiding the pain because losing someone is indeed a painful process. However, the last step of the grieving stage is seeing it with love and appreciation.

Dealing with a death in the family is never easy. If you want to show support to someone who recently loss their dad, we have memorial gifts for loss of father at Remember Me Gifts.