How cloud based systems and software can help your business

Finding an ‘off the shelf’ software solution that matches your exact business requirements has not always been an easy task. A system tailored to your precise industry or service, such as Financial advisor software that covers all the aspects needed on a daily basis, used to require a bespoke, handwritten system ‒ and often a lot of money!

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The word ‘bespoke’ originated from the clothing industry, referring to handmade, tailored clothing; however, in recent times the term has also been applied to custom-developed IT products or services. Effectively bespoke software is tailored to your own business needs but commissioning your own ‘made to measure’ software has often been considered cost prohibitive, especially to smaller businesses.

The rise of vertical market software

The advances in recent years of stable and secure cloud-based technologies has allowed more vertical market software solutions to be developed. Vertical market software is developed specifically for niche applications or specific business types. Software applications such as risk analysis programs and applications used by medical professionals are considered vertical market software because they accommodate a specific audience.

Cloud computing levels the playing field

The high cost of the physical computing infrastructure previously required for providing bespoke software, such as servers and databases, is greatly reduced when using cloud computing resources. Previously only the largest businesses could afford the outlay for infrastructure to run their specialist software solution on premises, whereas cloud-based computing allows online-based systems to be utilised. You can Find out more about financial advisor software here that can incorporate all of your back office functions and reporting all in one place.

No longer tied to the desk

Another benefit of cloud-based systems is the ability to maximise the shared resources from a variety of locations and devices. Gone are the days when you needed to be in the office to turn on or access the server; instead, the cloud is available 24/7, 365 days of the year, and from anywhere there is internet connectivity. Most cloud based systems are also accessible on a wide range of technology, allowing you to no longer be tied to a desktop PC. Tablets, mobile phones and indeed anything with a web browser and internet connectivity can give you access to your bespoke business system.