How to Choose a Car under $15,000


The average new car is nearly $33,000, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a great new car on a budget of $15,000. New cars today are safer and more comfortable than before. Even with a budget under $15,000, you can find the perfect car to fit your needs.

It is important to note that you should not “block” certain specific cars, such as Japanese, German, and American because of prejudice. Buying a car, especially within $ 15,000, is mainly for home use. Don’t consider brand issues, or you may miss a perfect car to fit your needs. The joint venture brand of less than $ 15,000 can only be an A-class car. This class of car, really no one cares about your brand. So don’t consider brand issues because of subjective factors. Choose several cars with suitable price and satisfactory appearance. Then compare them with other cars at the same price.

The A-class car mainly compares the following points:

  1. Engine horsepower

This is very important. Don’t listen to people who keep saying that it is enough. Sometimes with the trunk full of things, if the horsepower of the car is small, the start is not easy, not to mention uphills. Generally, a horsepower with enough power is the weight of the car / 9.

  1. Gearbox

In terms of failure rate, the priority of gearbox is this: manual gear > AT manual > dual clutch gearbox. Why is that? You can go to the car quality complaint website. Then you will see that the dual-clutch gearbox receives the most complaints.

  1. Chassis, suspension

Comparing these with an expensive car in the same class is the basis for selection. Remind that do not compare with the sporty car.

  1. Fuel consumption

Different fuel consumption, the price of a car is sometimes different. But it is not necessary to choose the lowest fuel consumption. We can calculate it through its fuel consumption and price. For example, a car with fuel consumption of 5l is $100, the fuel consumption of 8l is $80. how to choose? Generally, a car running about 80,000 kilometers will consider replacing. If the oil price is $1, the oil consumption between the two cars can be calculated. Therefore, the actual cost for the car with 8l oil consumption will be lower than that of 5l.

  1. Airbags

Looking at the security test video, you can see that the more airbags, the safer.

  1. Reversing radar/ reversing image

This configuration is necessary. If there is reversing radar or reversing image in a car at the same price, but others are not. Choose the car with these configurations. Although you can add these configurations by yourself, the effect is not as good as the original one. Sometimes when some children are behind our car, we are less likely to see them through the rearview mirror.

  1. Others

Power seat adjustment, sunroof, keyless start, automatic headlights, leather seats, lights are some small things that can be ignored. At the same price, choose the one with the best engine and speed box.

Anyway, you should choose several alternative models. Don’t rush to car shop for trail driving. Take more steps to check the sales volume and complaint quantity and content of each car on the Internet. Cars with small sales volume but large complaints are not recommended to buy.

The last thing you need to do is trial driving. Mainly pay attention to engine noise. Ignore tire noise because it can be easily solved by changing tires. Pay attention to the power at the start, wind noise and engine noise at high speed.

These are the things you need to consider when buying a car. Also, you can improve your car by modifying it. For example, electric suction door. It is a very nice configuration. The door can close automatically. With it, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to close the door. It is convenient for children and the elderly as they need more effort to close the door. Also, it protects the car as you don’t need to close the door strongly.

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