How to Choose the Right CNC Cutting Service for Your Business?

As time passes by, the CNC cutting service in Singapore plays a crucial role in our lives. Ever since it came to exist, many things have changed. The days we only rely on straight cuts are no longer the only options businesses have today. As you already know and experience, the manufacturing process becomes more automated and quicker to produce quality products. As a result, brands have more spare time on their hands to promote themselves.

On the other hand, what is CNC cutting service anyway? As for its acronym, those letters mean Computer Numerical Control. It is a cutting-edge technology that produces the same quality after another. Therefore, you could expect a consistent quality of your product if you rely on them. To further convince you why you should hire them, keep on reading. 

How to choose the CNC cutting service that would suit your business?

As your business starts to grow, you need to rely more on technology. That way, you could provide better and consistent quality of products and services to your customers. Doing so would improve the reputation of your brand. So, here, take a look at the advantages you can gain if you were to hire a CNC cutting service for your business in Singapore.

Four advantages to expect from the CNC cutting service.

Regardless of what industry you are in, one thing is for sure, CNC cutting service can give you an edge over your competitors. Your products would have a consistent quality. As a result, your customers would desire and support your brand even more. Here are more things you could expect.

  1. Can go on without a break

It sure does, and because of that, the completion time to produce your products will become much shorter. Your customers would be able to receive their orders quicker than before. At the same time, you would be able to meet the increasing demand of your customers.  

  1. Little to no room for error

Since it does things automatically, the products it produces would have the same quality. You would notice that results from one another look the same with no difference at all. Even if there is, it would only happen when the CNC cutting service experiences downtime. Besides, most CNC cutting industries have quality control that checks the condition of each output. 

  1. Less human labour

Once you rely on this technology, you would not need to hire a lot of people. Since the machine can do casting, drawing, forging, and more, you would only need to hire someone who would monitor its process. In other words, you would be able to save more money and increase your profit. 

  1. Allows prototyping

This cutting-edge technology has prototype machining. It allows you to see what the outcome of the design would be before producing all of it. With that option, it lowers the chance of your product having any defect or damages. Prototype machining gives you control over the quality of the product you sell in public. That way, it would not affect the image of your brand. 

How does a CNC cutting service work?

Right after inserting the blueprint design, the CNC cutting machine would scan through the entire image. Once done, it automatically adjusts its algorithm, so it would only cut the areas needed to construct the design you provided. In most cases, it produces some fumes that can be harmful. That is why CNC cutting industries provide PPE gear to protect their staff safely.

Factors to consider when hiring a CNC cutting service?

Without a doubt that hiring a CNC cutting service in Singapore has tons of advantages, but you also have to choose the right one for your business. You see, not all of them are the same. Each has its strengths, weaknesses, and even specialities that you could rely on at all times. 

  • Credibility 

The higher it is, the better. It means that the customers had a good impression and experience with their services. To know their credibility, check out the reviews you can find on Google or their Facebook page. 

  • Experience 

Their expertise reflects on the number of years they have been serving. IT means they have expertise in a lot of things. Therefore, you could expect them to solve circumstances much quicker than others. You can find this at their website, somewhere around the About Us page.

  • Equipment used

Similar to smartphones, there are a lot of CNC machines available in the market. However, not all CNC cutting industries have them. Some have the legacy ones, while others use the latest CNC machine. That is why, before you hire one, make sure you know what equipment they use, especially when engraving text or patterns on the materials.

  • Quality control

The quality of the end product it produces matters the most. So, make sure you understand how their quality control measure works. As someone hiring them, it is your responsibility to know this matter. That way, there will be no misunderstandings on the final product of your brand. If you can, go to where their operations happen. It would tell you a lot of things about their services. 

  • Speciality 

Even though they could make anything according to your request, they could still do something better than the other. That is what speciality means. Some could create a quality acoustic panel in Singapore, while others know better how to make automotive spare parts. 

Therefore, before hiring one, make sure their speciality matches what your industry offers to your customers. That way, you could expect much better quality from them.

  • Pricing

Knowing this allows you to determine if their services are worth paying for. So, if you cannot find a price list on their website, you may ask them if they could send it to you. Once you have it, do not forget to compare it with others. It helps you find out which one offers the most affordable one.

  • Referrals

You do not necessarily need one, but having it would help you determine if the CNC cutting service is someone you can trust. So, make sure to seek recommendations from your family and friends. If they could not provide you with anything, that is when you do your research. 

  • Customer service

This one matters, too, since it allows you to have peace of mind whenever you encounter difficulties. One, for example, there are some defects in the products they produce. With that, you need to know if they would take responsibility for the outcome, like reimbursing the product or replacing it with a new one. To find out how reliable they are, try calling their customer service and see if they could handle your enquiry. 

Questions to ask before engaging in the CNC cutting service.

By asking questions, you would be able to tell if they are trustworthy to produce your product. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask them questions. It would help you a lot with your decision making. Here, listed below, are some of the questions you might want to ask them. 

  • Is there any difference between laser engraving and laser etching?

The answer to this question is yes. There is a difference between the two. The reason you would need to ask this question is that most people interchangeably use it. So, to clarify what services do they indeed offer, they should be able to explain it. If their answer matches the sentences below, then for sure, they would produce the outcome you desired to have.

  • Etching 
    • This process only leaves a small dent onto the material, somewhere around 0.0254mm. That is why it marks the surface much faster. 
  • Engraving 
    • As for this one, it leaves a much deeper dent. For metal engraving, it would probably have 1.5mm. Since it creates a depth onto the material, the sublimation would be longer than etching. 

In short, the difference between the two is the depth they produce. 

  • What materials do your equipment can handle?

This technology is indeed a fascinating invention. Not only does it cut things through, but placing text or patterns is possible. Therefore, promoting the name of your brand is plausible. However, as mentioned before, not all materials could handle the heat from the engraving process. 

So, before you decide which material you will use for your product, you must know first the materials that could work well with engraving aside from metal. Listed below are just a few that you need to know. 

  • Wood
    • The cutting service in Singapore also engraves wood. That is why furniture shops rely on them more when it comes to furniture production.
  • Ceramics
  • It is an inorganic material that is hard and heat-resistant. So, expect that it could handle laser engraving.
  • Metals
  • Out of 95 metals out there, metal engraving could only work well with the following types.
  • Reflective
  • These metals are pewter (a tin alloy), stainless steel, and titanium.
  • Non-reflective
  • Aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, and gold are metals that do not reflect light.
  • Plastics
  • Most CNC machines are suitable for this material, but it is often suited to CO2 flat sheet lasers.
  • Rubbers
  • Even though this material is flimsy and elastic, it could last against the heat. As proof, you could check your car’s tires and your office’s rubber stamps. 
  • Stones
  • No matter how hard this material is, engraving some text or pattern on it is not impossible. As you can remember, the names written on tombstones are there on the surface because of this technology. 
  • What would happen to my material during the entire process?

The CNC cutting service should be able to answer this question earnestly. So, you could feel more rest assured that the machine would only aim to cut the design you provided. In other words, it would not cause any damage to other parts of the material used. It would be much better if they could provide some samples from their previous clients. 

  • What types of laser equipment do you have?

As you already know, having choices to choose from is always a plus. That gives you an edge over which equipment could provide you with a quicker result and lower cost. In aCNC cutting serviceindustry, here are the following machines that you could expect.

  • CO2 flat sheet lasers
  • Most effective to use in large metal sheets since it could cut the materials with accurate precision.
  • Flat sheet fibre lasers
  • It has similar features to CO2 flat sheet lasers, but it could cut through various types of metals. That is both reflective and non-reflective types. 
  • 3D tube lasers
  • As for this type, it does not only cut. It could also bevel, chamfer, and countersink a material all at once. Therefore, if an item has a cylinder shape, this machine could cut it through without requiring several processes. 
  • Laser marking and engraving
  • Unlike the first three pieces of equipment, this one helps to promote a brand since it engraves text or patterns onto the product’s surface. So, make sure they offer this type of service before you hire them.
  • What is your turnaround time?

Like most operations, a CNC cutting service takes time to produce some result. The turnaround time depends on what type of product a brand wants to manufacture. Usually, for spare parts, it would take at least 24 hours. However, that would only happen if they have the final blueprint. So, before ordering some acoustic wall panels in Singapore, do not forget to include the blueprint when you fill up your order. If you did that, they could provide you with an estimated time of completion. 

In Conclusion 

At first glance, you might think hiring a CNC cutting service in Singapore is unnecessary, and it would only add to your expenses. However, this technology could revolutionise your products and services. As a result, a lot of customers would support your brand. 

Therefore, you would still hesitate to hire one for your business? Well, if you think it would be a great help for your brand, then get in touch with Cutting Edge. With their skilled workforce and the latest equipment, you could expect more than quality acoustic wall panels in Singapore! So, what are you waiting for? Go to their website today and find out what they can do for you!

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