How To Create A Lot Of Content Based On An Idea?

How to Make Sure There's a Market for Your Business Idea

Perhaps you read the title, and it seems impossible to do so, because it is likely to take hours and hours to create content for your social networks, blog, YouTube videos, podcasts, courses, workshops, conferences, etc. But with the trick that I am going to show you today, it will not be difficult for you, and thus you will be able to create a lot of content based on an idea, just as I will show you below.

What Is Your Great Idea To Create Content?

This is the first question we must ask ourselves to start creating content based on this idea.

For this, I present you one of my most powerful tools to generate content, where just by applying the keywords that are related to your great idea and you can develop more than 30 content ideas for four types of formats (post, downloadable, podcast and videos).

Recommendations for Creating Content

Please do not copy and paste the same content on each social network, as I mentioned earlier, and you must consider the personality of each brand and adapt the designs and structures.

Suppose you are going to make a podcast and a YouTube video at the same time. In that case, I recommend not using the same audio of the podcast in the video, since the vocabulary used for podcasts is a little more informal and personal.

PDF Linked In: Another of the most interesting things I could do was a PDF and share it in my Linked In account, this is effective as noted by I just used the same carousel layouts from Instagram and exported them from Canva as higher resolution PDF.

What Would Be The Base Content To Multiply?

If you were to ask me, I would answer that the articles, since they work as an extraordinary base to divide and multiply, are always full of complete content, another type of content that would work as a base would be highly visual graphic presentations.

Now Is Your Turn!

Prepare a base content like the one I have taught you, divide it, multiply it based on an idea and share it with all your followers. Using this excellent but intelligent idea ensures that you have never pondered and bang your head on various content ideas that you could put together for your audience. Always remember to keep being innovative and stay ahead of the game.