How to Make an Original and Creative CV?

It is always important to know how to stand out when looking for a job, especially if you are targeting a position in a creative sector. Considering the important amount of demands and the lack of offers, it is essential to make an original and creative CV in order to attract the recruiters’ attention. But it can be easier said than done! Here are the best tips to achieve this goal.

Record a Video to Present your CV

You do not have to be a great film director to create this type of Curriculum Vitae that literally comes out of the ordinary. This form of presentation adapts to all profiles and is truly exceptional. If you are audacious and like to express yourself in front of a camera, opt for the creation of an original video CV. It is the perfect solution for recruiters to get to know you better, and it also shows your self-confidence.

We all know that speaking in front of a camera or in public is not an easy task. The advantage is that you can edit the video or record other ones until you are fully satisfied. Making a video Curriculum Vitae can be a long job, but we think it can be worth it. You can also share your extraordinary resume on social and business online networks. It will not fail to catch many recruiters’ attention.

If you are more reserved and shy but still attach importance to creativity, make an original CV in the form of an animated video. Do this by using animation programs or taking photos that will add a personal touch to your presentation. What matters the most is that there is a certain consistency between your way of being and the content of your animated CV. All the elements that you develop must represent yourself and showcase your hard, soft and crazy skills.

Create a Portfolio to Present your Professional Path in a different way

If you are wondering how to create a different CV for a graphic designer, a photographer, an artist, a painter or even a sculptor, the idea of ​​creating a digital portfolio is the perfect solution for this type of profile. There are multiple platforms that will allow you to create an online portfolio. Make it and take the opportunity to include your CV at the end of it. Of course, you will also have to use a CV generator to complete the portfolio.