How To Make Christmas Special For Kids Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 has already claimed over 1.6 million deaths worldwide. In today’s pandemic-stricken world, the uncertainty we feel is something that’s not isolated. It’s rather collective and universal. And now that Christmas is fast-approaching, many of us are still finding ways on how to make things special — especially for our children. Some turn to ordering personalized kids ornaments; others, to continuing holiday traditions to still have that sense of familiarity.

As children are part of the vulnerable segment of our populace, it’s important to get resourceful and creative yet mindful of our little ones’ safety. If you’re wondering how can you make your holiday celebration still memorable despite the restrictions being imposed, this article is for you. Read on to find out how to make Christmas special for kids amid the ongoing pandemic.

Decorate your tree with meaningful displays. The Christmas tree is one iconic holiday symbol. Now more than ever, we must take advantage of this tree to bond more with our children and make them feel loved in the process. If you’re looking for unique holiday tree decorations, try out customized kids or personalized baby ornaments. Involve them in the process of sprucing up your tree and allow them to giddy over seeing their own, personal display.

Continue the traditions you can safely accomplish in your home. From watching a holiday movie via a streaming platform to baking goodies with your kids, there are a number of holiday traditions that can still be safely done within the comforts of your own home. On the eve of Christmas day, you can further elevate the feel of enjoying your annual Christmas dinner by dressing up and preparing your children’s favorite holiday dish.

Create an imaginary holiday vacation. Apart from utilizing personalized baby ornaments and kids-related holiday displays, you can make your at-home holiday celebration extra memorable by hosting an imaginary vacation. Can’t go to a theme park this year? Why not set up your own mini-carnival in your backyard? Activities like this may require extra effort — but it can be compensated by the joy you’d see on your kids’ faces.

Gather virtually with family and friends. COVID-19 has prompted most of us to stay at home. And this means having less time to physically bond with our loved ones — especially those who are living far from us and can’t book a flight to join us for a holiday celebration. Thanks to technology, there’s still a way for us to gather, albeit virtually. Despite the obvious downsides, make the most of your video conferencing and be grateful that you and your loved ones are still able to celebrate holiday “together.”

Teach your children the essence of gift-giving. If you’ve seen how ecstatic it is for your children to have their own personalized kids ornaments, why not be an instrument in duplicating that wonderful feeling? Together with your little ones, customize another set of ornaments and send them over to your friends and neighbors. Nothing can make Christmas more special than by sharing love and spreading the holiday cheer even in the most simple ways.