How To Prepare Your Office Before The Carpet Cleaning Company Arrives?

Maintaining office cleanliness should be one of the primary priorities of businesses. Besides sweeping and mopping floors, they should also do office carpet cleaning in Singapore. Accumulated dust, dander and other particles embedded in the carpet fibres can risk your employees’ health. They may develop allergies and asthma if you leave your office carpet unclean.

If your janitorial staff do not know how to clean office rug, consider calling for carpet cleaning services. Below are the things you need to do to prepare for your workplace.

7 Things To Prepare Your Office Before The Carpet Cleaning Company Arrives

  1. Vacuum The Carpet

Some professional office cleaning companies in Singapore do not include vacuuming the carpet and often begin with carpet power jet wash. Vacuuming the carpet beforehand helps remove the dust and dirt on the surface, allowing the carpet cleaning products to penetrate and seep through the carpet fibres.

  1. Declutter

The next thing you need to do after vacuuming the carpet is to declutter. Getting things out of the way can help professional office carpet cleaners do their job better. Consider dividing the things you will keep and throw away.

  1. Identify Problem Areas

Before hiring carpet cleaning services, you should check your carpet and identify problem areas while decluttering your office. Allow them to treat the stains first, and be more careful as they clean the office carpet if you show them where they are.

  1. Secure Drapes

If your office has drapes that touch the office carpet, you should tie and secure them tightly. Doing so should prevent the drapes from getting in the way while the professional office carpet cleaner is deep cleaning.

  1. Inform Your Employees

Letting your employees know when the carpet cleaning services will arrive can nudge them to clear their working space, like not leaving their bags unattended on the floor.

  1. Store Fragile Items

Does your office have fragile items? Consider storing them in a safe place so the professional office cleaner would not accidentally bump into them, making the fragile items fall on the floor and break.

  1. Clear The Entrance

Since an office cleaning company in Singapore will bring heavy cleaning equipment, you should not block the entrance. Doing so should help ease their burden and easily carry what they need to clean your office carpet.

Be prepared before the experts in carpet cleaning services arrive at your office. Contact Clean Care at +65 6602 8171 (Phone)/+65 9787 6403 (WhatsApp) or leave a message on their website if you are interested in their work, including mattress cleaning in Singapore.