How to pump up a girl’s ass at home

Not all girls have the opportunity to attend the gym, and there can be various reasons for this. Perhaps he is far away, and there are so many things to do at home that when it comes to training, you really do not want to go to the other end of the city. There are girls who recruit about their appearance, and therefore decide to train at home to bring themselves into a more or less decent form, and then go to the gym. There may be various situations in life, and you won’t understand them all, so it’s better to go straight to the question to which this article is devoted: “How to pump up a girl’s ass at home?” But first, I want to recommend you several articles that may interest you:

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There are so many exercises that will help you achieve the result that you need We will analyze only the best exercises for the gluteal muscles, which can be performed without problems at home.

Plyometric squats

If you want to build gluteal muscles at home, the first exercise that you need to know about is the classic squats, which you first need to learn how to perform without extra weight.

Technology briefly: Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Hands closed behind the head or extended in front of you. We go down, taking the pelvis back, while keeping the back straight and maximally vertical. We go to the very bottom and return to the starting position. During the exercise, we look directly or slightly upward. If this exercise is performed with weight, it is very undesirable to go down to the bottom.

Plyometric squats: Plyometrics – in fact, this is a training movement that includes an element of a jump. As you can already understand, we need to perform squats with a jump, or rather jumping out of the squat. We perform as usual pull-ups, but with the difference that you need to gather strength at the lower point and jump up, making a pop over your head. Well, or just keep your hands where you are comfortable.

Squats without extra weight

How to pump up a girl’s ass at home

Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are also called Plie squats. This type of squats involves a wide setting of the feet, which allows you to well load the gluteal muscles and inner thighs.

Briefly about the technique: We set our feet wide – socks apart, look in the direction in which the knees are directed. We go down, while taking the pelvis back. Knees should not go beyond the line of socks. We hold our hands in a position convenient for you. The back should be even.


Lunges are a great exercise for gluteal muscles. This exercise can be performed as without additional weight, so with a barbell, dumbbells, weights.

Briefly about the technique: Put one foot in front, taking a step forward. If the right leg is ahead, then the right gluteus will work to a greater extent. We put the front foot on the entire plane of the foot, and the back on the toe. The knee of the front leg should not go beyond the level of the toe of the foot. We do lunges alternately on each leg.

Mahi kick back on all fours

Excellent effect on the gluteus maxillary muscles back. If you are interested in the question of how to pump up a girl’s ass at home, then you can start with this exercise, since it is one of the simplest.

Briefly about the technique: Get on all fours (knees and palms), or in the knee-elbow position (knees and elbows). We leave one leg on the floor, resting our knees, and the second we tear off the floor, and partially unbend. Do the swing leg up, trying to straighten it at the top point. Periodically change the legs. Exercise can be performed with weighting on the legs.

How to pump up a girl’s ass at home

Mahi upside down

This exercise will help you work out the outer surfaces of the buttocks and thighs.

Briefly about the technique: We lay down on one side, resting our hands on the head. Raise the upper leg up. Exercise can be performed with weighting on the legs.

Lift the pelvis while lying on your back

Raising the pelvis in a supine position is one of the most famous exercises for the gluteal muscles.

Technology briefly: Lie on the floor with your hands at the seams. Try to put your lower legs as vertically as possible. From this position, and you need to perform pelvic lifts. Just tear the pelvis off the floor. To complicate the exercise, the feet can be placed on a raised platform, or to perform an exercise with weighting.

Romanian rise

Romanian climb is the most difficult exercise of all. In general, it is performed with a barbell, but at home it can be performed with other shells – with dumbbells, kettlebells, a bag of sand.

Briefly about the technique: Bend your knees, lean forward slightly, and lift the weight off the floor. Further, when the weight rises above the knees, we fully extend the knee and hip joints.

Of course, the technique of this exercise is difficult to describe in two lines, so I propose to read the article: “Romanian rise”.