How To Recover From An Ankle Fracture In Singapore

The human body may not be as strong as you think. It allows people to perform various duties and participate in different activities, but it cannot avoid every health concern that could trouble its functions and appearance. Injuries are one of these conditions that result from a sudden fall, twist, or shock. Bones, muscles, and joints can also get damaged from overuse. Among the numerous injury types, many individuals report experiencing an ankle fracture in Singapore—making it one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal concerns.

An ankle fracture can trouble a Singapore resident like you if they break one or multiple bones in their ankle joints. You may be doing your morning run routine but decided to take things further when your ankles suddenly weakened, or you accidentally tripped and rolled your ankle while walking to work. The severity of your injury depends on the number of broken joint bones you have and the way you damaged them. The more fractures you have, the more complicated your condition will be and the more complex treatment you need.


Having a fractured ankle can be troublesome. You will feel pain and experience swelling, causing you to fail to fulfil your responsibilities at work and home. You will have to reschedule plans and may even ask someone to run your errands for you to allow your foot to rest. Depending on your condition, you may need to see an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore to receive appropriate treatment. But one thing is clear: you should never ignore an ankle fracture since such an injury could lead to alarming complications affecting your movement, strength, and foot appearance.

But how can you look after yourself after experiencing an ankle fracture in Singapore? Should you purchase a medical device to protect your foot, or do you need to see an orthopaedic surgeon as soon as possible?


|. Tips For Recovering From An Ankle Fracture

Healing from an ankle fracture can be complicated depending on the number of damaged joint bones you have. You can follow simple home remedies to reduce swelling and provide pain relief, but you should never ignore your need to see an ankle specialist in Singapore. Read on to learn six tips to help you recover from your injury.

A. Rest Your Ankle

After rolling your ankle or hitting it on a solid object, do not attempt to use the affected foot to walk or move around. Continuing to put pressure on your foot can cause your ankle fracture to worsen, so rest it after your injury.

B. Use An Ice Pack

Ice packs are helpful for individuals troubled with an ankle fracture in Singapore. These handy medical devices can reduce swelling, minimise pain, and even lessen bleeding. But before using an ice pack, remember that it is not the only treatment you need to cure your injured foot. You will need other remedies from your doctor to correctly address your fracture.

C. Wrap Your Foot

Aside from ice packs, compressions can reduce pain and swelling. You could use an elastic bandage to wrap your affected foot, but you could also purchase a compression sleeve, specifically for ankle fracture cases.

D. Keep Your Ankle Elevated

Elevating your foot is crucial to your ankle fracture recovery. Doing so can keep it from swelling and bruising by lowering the blood pressure of your ankle’s vessels. Elevating your feet can also prevent complications since it aids in the drainage of inflammatory fluids.

E. Take Pain Relief Medications

If you cannot seem to take the pain anymore, you can purchase over-the-counter medications to relieve discomfort. However, consider seeing an ankle specialist in Singapore before buying pills and tablets to ensure their effectiveness and prevent complications.

F. See An Ankle Specialist

Never think twice about seeing an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore after experiencing an ankle fracture. They can help you understand your condition and ensure you receive the best treatment.

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||. A Guide To Visiting An Ankle Specialist

If you are considering visiting an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore, you should learn everything you should do to prepare for your checkup. Helping yourself feel ready for your appointment will allow you to make the most of your visit and ensure you receive the appropriate treatment. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your checkup with an ankle specialist:

A. Schedule Your Checkup

Health screenings can take a while depending on their type and your condition’s severity. To ensure you make the best of your ankle fracture checkup in Singapore, clear your schedule and make time for your clinic visit.

B. Wear Comfy Clothes

Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants when visiting an orthopaedic surgeon. Opt for clothing pieces such as dresses and shorts that will not restrict them from carefully inspecting your affected foot.

C. Narrate How The Injury Occurred

Your ankle specialist in Singapore will want to know how you got your injury before making a diagnosis and recommending a treatment plan. You can help them by narrating how your ankle got fractured as honestly as possible.

D. Disclose Your Medical History

Whether you go to a clinic to get checked for an ankle fracture or schedule an ACL surgery in Singapore, your physician will ask you about your family’s medical history. Doing so can help them administer the best treatment that suits your condition and medical background.

E. Understand Your Treatment Plan

As much as possible, research and ask about your doctor’s recommended treatment plan to learn its effectiveness and reliability. The last thing you want is to undergo remedies that could do more harm than good to your ankle fracture.

F. Raise Questions And Concerns

If you talk to your orthopaedic surgeon, you can fully understand your condition and treatment. Asking them questions and communicating your concerns will help you learn the benefits of undergoing a specific remedy and understand ways to keep the injury from recurring.

|||. Book A Checkup With An Ankle Specialist Today!

Experiencing an ankle fracture can be troublesome—specifically if you use your feet a lot to fulfil your responsibilities at work and home. Fortunately, you can follow numerous ways to help your feet recover from the injury. You can follow the raise, ice, compression, and elevation or RICE method to reduce pain and swelling. However, drop by facilities like the Specialist Orthopaedic Centre to receive the best treatment that suits your condition.

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