How to select hands while playing poker games

Poker games are very popular nowadays as people can play them online with the comfort of their home. The comfort has been brought by many websites where people have the choice of playing lots of games. One among such website would include sbobet88.

All poker games depend upon hands and people have to start with good hand selection so that they can win the games easily. Sticking with good hands will help people to win a lot of money in the long run. In this article, we will discuss hand selection in Texas Hold’em poker game.

Top Tier hands

Top tier hands in the game include the following

  • AA
  • KK
  • QQ
  • AKs

These hands will help the players to win a lot of money. If players fold other hands but stick to these hands, chances of winning increases. One thing that the players have to keep in mind is that these hands are best for lower limit games.

Second-tier hands

If players are stocking to top tier cards, they have to fold a lot of hands. In such a case, players may lose many chances of winning. These hands will help people to win a lot of money. These hands include

  • AK
  • AQs
  • AJs
  • KQs
  • JJ
  • 10 10

These hands will help in increasing the number of pot.

Top Ten Texas Hold’em Hands

These are some of the best hands to which if a player sticks, he can win some money. A player who is new to poker should consider these hands. These hands are as follows

  • Two aces of different suits
  • Two Ks of different suits
  • Two Qs of different suits
  • Ace and K of the same suit
  • Ace and Q of the same suit
  • Two Js of different suits
  • K and Q of the same suit
  • A and J of the same suit
  • A and K of different suits
  • Tens of different suits

New players should always stick to big cards. These cards help in playing post-flop session easily.

Table position in selecting starting hands

Table position always plays a big role in poker games like Sbobet88. If players are sitting in a position that they have to place their bets early, they should stick to top rank cards. Top tier and second tier hands are the best options in this case. If the position is in the last, then he can play with any kind of hands.

Selection of starting hands

Beginners should keep the top tier cards with them. They should keep two top tier cards with them instead of one. Beginners should not make calls or raise as they can get into trouble easily.


These are some of the tips for new players regarding the selection of hands. As they do not have experience so sticking with top tie cards is a good option for them. This will increase the chances of winning.