How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake IP Cameras

Despite the stringent laws and government across the Lion City, security cameras are essential to any property. Nowadays, many companies offer CCTV installation services in Singapore. However, there are also some that mount dummy cameras. Admittedly though, the difference between actual and fake CCTV cameras is too challenging to notice, especially considering these dummy cameras sprouting up also come with motion sensors and blinking lights. Yet, professional thieves can still easily distinguish the dissimilarities between the two.

How to tell the difference between an authentic and a fake CCTV system in Singapore? Learn the variations between the two below.


When checking an IP camera in Singapore, the LED lights could be a dead giveaway! Authentic security cameras come with night vision and light up their red LED lights in total darkness. If it does not blink when the ambient light condition is poor, it may be a warning sign that you’re using a dummy security camera. Actual LED lights are not too noticeable and bright compared to decoys.


Security camera cover is one of the evident differences between an actual and fake CCTV system in Singapore. Decoys usually consist of cheap replica materials or get made of cheap plastic. Authentic ones have water-proof aluminium covers and are heavy-duty!


One way to spot a fake security camera is through its brand name. If you want to invest in a high-quality CCTV system in Singapore, take a minute or two to search for credible brands in the market!


This difference can be confusing, especially since most dummy IP cameras have less visible wires nowadays too. An authentic IP camera in Singapore, especially a wire-free one, does not have wires in plain sight.


Another way to tell the difference between a real and fake IP camera in Singapore is through security camera models! Wire-free, high-quality cameras have distinctive designs. They can be really challenging to imitate in terms of their quality and manufacture.


Reliable CCTV installation companies in Singapore work professionally. They know the proper placement of installing your security cameras. The installation place can actually tell whether your system is actual or fake. Decoys come with fragile plastic housing. They can never endure harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or hovering wind. By contrast, real IP cameras can get placed anywhere outdoors despite how intense the weather may be. 

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