How to Wear Your Rope Necklace Each Day of the Week

These rope necklaces are considered as a sexy jewelry piece. The necklace is very long and it can be worn in a number of different ways to provide you with an amazing and stylish look.

If you want to know about how you can wear these pearl necklaces, so that you look different every day of the week, then you need to read further so that you can plan out your accessories for the whole week.

  • Monday – Your Monday can be made nicer with the help of the pearl necklace urban. The necklace can be doubled and can be matched with a pair of stud earrings. You can wear a pair of trousers to get a professional look and week can be started in a good manner.
  • Tuesday – On Tuesday you can wear the necklace by pairing it up with a skirt, a boat neckline T-shirt. While it hangs on your breast it imparts a relaxed look.
  • Wednesday – Now you have approached the middle of the week. But you can remain classy by wearing the necklace with your black skirt, a silk shirt which is very simple and a pair of red high heels. Your looks can be enhanced by wearing it with necklace earrings of medium size and a rose gold bangle.
  • Thursday – The weekend is near and your excitement is increasing. This moment can be celebrated by wearing the knotted pearl necklace above your breast area. When you wear it with your midi dress, teardrop earrings, a delicate beaded bracelet it adds more elegance to your appearance.
  • Friday – You can wear your necklace just like a flapper dancer when you are going to a cocktail party. As this day is meant for your fun and frolic you can combine style with a classic look.
  • Wild Saturday – You have almost approached the weekend and it’s time to go wild. Wearing your necklace with a knot at the base of your neck provides a fashionable look.
  • Romantic Sunday – On Sunday you can wear it doubled and make a knot above your breast area, match it with a pair of sunglasses, t-shirt, jeans and studs to enjoy your day.


So each and every day of the week has its own significance. Wearing necklaces in different ways is a great way of adding volume to your style.