How You Can Choose The Best Wedding Anniversary Cake!

Almost anyone is looking for a wedding or birthday cake delivery in Singapore, so investing in a cake is justifiable for any special occasion! However, cakes are not just exclusive for parties and birthdays. Cakes are always a special part of any wedding occasion, be it an actual wedding ceremony or a wedding anniversary. Couples often celebrate their wedding ceremony or anniversary by slicing the cake together, which may not prove anything too profound in meaning, but rather a sweet gesture that may be meaningful for them!

Celebrating Wedding Events With A Cake – What You Need To Know!

Each couple has their own unique wedding or wedding anniversary cake that means a lot of things. They have the freedom to choose the decoration, the style, flavour and the taste. While some may rely on their partner’s decision, often the planning is left to the woman when it comes to weddings, so the cake usually matches her tastes. With the help of a local cake shop or patisserie in Singapore, every wedding cake that couples can dream of is possible!

Weddings are beautiful places to be! Wedding events are where special memories and thoughts of the bride and groom begin as a true married couple. Wedding ceremonies and anniversaries are also a joyful time for friends and families to gather together to witness and celebrate the tying of the knot. So, why not buy a wedding cake from an online cake shop?

Choosing The Best Wedding Anniversary Cake


The first thing guests will buzz is the appearance of the cake! Cake can often be the centrepiece of any celebration, even if it’s a wedding anniversary. Therefore, it is only crucial that you and your partner only choose the best cake in terms of appearance and taste! 

Choosing an ideal cake can be done meticulously with the help of your selected retail or online cake shop. With patience, knowledge, planning and weighing the value of the cake in terms of quality and ratio, choosing the best cake should be as easy as walking down the aisle. So, how do you do that? Here are a few things you need to follow:

Choose the right bake/cake shop

If you know a local patisserie in Singapore that is referred to you by your closest friend or loved ones, it’s often a good idea to visit them first. If they happen not to provide any direct reference, heading online is your second option as you’ll likely see more available bakeshops that are within reach. Be mindful that the store should be:

  • the store should have high customer reviews
  • can provide customisable cakes
  • have express or same-day delivery for convenience
  • attractive cake designs
  • high-review rates for their products
  • has a decent repertoire both on home and commercial operation

Get a reservation at once when you have selected the bake or cake shop to settle in. However, the problem sometimes is the restriction available on cake designs. To address this, be sure to drop by or contact the online cake shop to talk about the flavours, designs and other things you desire to add to the wedding anniversary cake. 

Be sure that you provide the description in detail so they won’t miss out on anything. The store may require you to pay a deposit fee for a reservation. Nonetheless, give them ample time to prepare the cake for your wedding and avoid having a last-minute rush unless they can promise to deliver the cake on time and in quality.

Find the right taste

Cakes shouldn’t just be attractive. They should be delicious as well! Their look should match the taste if you want your guests to have a good word from the cake! They should taste good as well as look good. Never hesitate to ask for a sample to find the right taste that you want when scouting for a retail or online cake shop. 

Asking for a free or paid (at a reasonable price) sample will help you find the right taste as most are judged by personal preference as some cakes may taste better than others regardless of their price and ingredient. If the store declines, it’s time to hop to another one!

Check your budget

Wedding anniversary cakes can cost you about a hundred (if you’re tight on a budget) to a thousand dollars. Wedding anniversary cakes don’t come cheap. The cost for the cake largely depends on the overall design, including its size. Some patisserie in Singapore may require you to pay for a decorator’s fee on top of that – which can further add to the cost. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to know your budget ahead of time and only work around it. Some cake shops may give you same day cake delivery in Singapore free of charge. Also, be aware of the number of attending guests, so you would gauge how much or less money you will allocate for the cake’s cost in terms of size. 

If you want to save more money, you can consider the following:

  • you can talk more about budget options with the baker
  • decorate the cake yourself
  • have a double up for dessert
  • order for less
  • have one bold accent piece on a simple cake design
  • know the average cost for the cake in your area

Learning About Frosting Choices

It’s undeniable that the frosting will play a huge part in how your cake will look, the flavour, and the cost of the cake. Learning more about your cake’s frosting choice can make or break the cake’s quality and cost. You can be upfront with your selected retail or online cake shop about your frosting and icing choices, or you can dive in for more unique ones for the best taste and appeal!

For choosing the best frosting and icing consider:

  • choose an interesting colour that appeals or has significant meaning to your wedding
  • try unusual or unique icing for a different flavour
  • consider using fondant
  • be creative and play with various cake types if you can for the best result

Final Thoughts

Buying a cake can be fun and hassle-free. It doesn’t need to be stressful or too expensive to wow all your guests. What matters the most is the celebration together with your partner, friends and loved ones with a slice of cake! Choosing a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore can be much easier and simple with the help of a trusted local patisserie!

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