Huawei IdeaHub: Why Your Office Needs It

Even before the pandemic, virtual meetings have come forth in solving long-distance communication. Video conferencing equipment in Singapore became the number one must-have item for every company. With the growing need for a business owner to provide a solution to problems, it is needed to be flexible in any situation.

Whiteboards, projectors, screen projectors and such are just some of the few things your office needs. It can be entirely too much to have all of them that only serves a single purpose. It may become too expensive too to constantly change buy once you’re out of stock.

With an extensive knowledge of turning your office set up to a more advanced one, your company can solve issues coming from different directions. A single setup, such as the Huawei IdeaHub, might be the answer to your needs.

What Is Ideahub?

You might find whiteboards particularly handy during meetings as it gathers information and thoughts from several individuals in a single location. Imagine if whiteboards are more than just writing surfaces that display thoughts and project ideas? These surfaces can also serve as practical meeting facilitation tools.

Huawei IdeaHub might just be the right answer for what you need. It can work with different functions all in one in providing what you need.

IdeaHub is an intelligent workplace productivity solution that includes HD video conferencing, wireless sharing, and writing-focused utilities. IdeaHub is meant to work with any kind of environment. It uses the Smart Space Collection to effortlessly transform open workplaces, conference rooms, and executive offices into smart environments.

The Huwaei IdeaHub, which contains a specialized piece of hardware, allows organizations to host more streamlined conferences. For your business workstation, it is vital to use the newest collaborative technologies such as a one-time use name tag, 60-frames-per-second wireless projection, voice tracking, and two-way collaboration.

What are the Features of Huawei IdeaHub?



Since most offices are filled with different things or multiple types of equipment needed most of the time, it might be a great idea to have one screen that provides all that your office needs. You can turn the traditional setup of your conference room into a digital one.

It utilizes the refined design language seen in the IdeaHub series It sports an environmentally-friendly surface coating with a ballet leg design with fine craftsmanship in a jade white colour.

You can place the Huawei IdeaHub in a stand or against the wall in the centre. In this way, your office can allow more space for movements and interactions.


Since it is a must for a company to have HD produced quality as video conference equipment, a 4k camera can capture clear images. The more pixels a screen has, the more details you can see on it. With 4K, your recordings will have a crisper image. Something essential in meetings is the ability to see details and movements.

Even when you zoom in, you will see a high level of detail. This kind of camera can also capture fast-moving objects, which means it has an excellent frame rate.


One tap screen is already for your convenience without experiencing any lag moments. An ultra-low writing latency of approximately 35 milliseconds results in screens becoming an easy and timely method of written communication.

It offers extensive functions and innovative experiences, allowing a user to interact directly on the screen. With a 4k quality, you can see the screen clearly and the images. You don’t need another mouse or touchpad.

Moreover, it only consumes low power and is resistive to surface contaminants.


Additionally, handwriting recognition enables one’s scribblings to be turned into text or pictures, which is more readable. It is pretty simple to sync content between your phone and the Huawei IdeaHub because of the built-in NFC chips.

Handwriting recognition is claimed to convert documents into text-format documents, which is defined as an electronically readable document. This way, anyone may store, review, and exchange information quickly and easily.


Too many people in the room? People speaking all around the room may become a problem for miscommunication. However, with Huawei IdeaHub, hearing from both sides will not be a problem.

Twelve microphones each employ beamforming technology to pick up human speech ringing out from an area of 8 meters around them. Increasing the transfer frequency to remote sites helps to provide crystal-clear Hi-Fi music across the entire system.


Installing it on a mobile base or walls is fine, but you can also install it in conference rooms, open office spaces, home offices, and even in one’s own home. Additionally, the cloud ecosystem that extends from the IdeaHub enables users to utilize many cloud-based apps both pre-enlisted on the screen and downloaded through the Huawei AppGallery.

An enterprise profile and customized background source, including a HiBoard, can also be developed as part of this system.

Why Your Office Needs One


With the fast pace of ongoing changes every day, keeping up to make sure your company provides the needs of your office is a must. Aside from purchasing a Huawei IdeaHub, you can also apply for a data centre consultancy in facilities management in Singapore to make it more convenient.

This will allow company matters to remove the burden that can also become productivity tools. It will enable your employee to work efficiently to invest more in work-related activities. Communication from other companies may come smoothly as well.

One way to ensure staff have the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs well and on time is to give them the appropriate tools and equipment. Equipment and modern programs make a significant impact on both the workers and the overall reputation of your firm.

You will be able to spend less time and energy by employing equipment such as Huawei IdeaHub, a multifunctional device that can be used as a whiteboard, screen or wireless projection, video conference equipment, and necessary office applications that can help get every office work done.

If you are interested in providing the best experience for your company, try Huawei IdeaHub and visit the ACME Associates website for more details.