La Palette Rouge: Recognitions, Pandemic Issues, Solving Problems

One of the pallet pooling companies that specialize in manufacturing and retail chains in the area of the consumer goods sector is La Palette Rouge. It is also known as LPR. Another thing you will know about this company is that it has impacted the businesses in Europe. La Palette Rouge functions in several European countries which comprise Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, and the UK. It is one such company that handles more than 82 million pallet movements per year all throughout Europe. Also, the La Palette Rouge customer portfolio comprises of leading brands in the quick-moving consumer goods sector and it also includes beverages, vegetables, fruits, and hygiene. Besides that, customers can even reduce their environmental impact through the re-usable pallet system and thereby contributing to a circular economy through the supply chain.


Recognitions and Ratings

Another thing, you will note is that La Palette Rouge’s raw material is wood, so one of the pivotal objectives of the company is to rebalance its carbon footprint through the projects of reforestation in other locations including that of France. By the year 2025, the La Palette Rouge is hoping to reduce its carbon footprint by enhancing transport and making sure that there are no empty returns and moreover considering the electric or hybrid vehicle options. For 5 successive years, La Palette Rouge got a Gold EcoVadis rating for its commitment to reducing the environmental impact on the entire supply chain and off late got a Platinum rating, which is one of the highest recognition.

Working in Midst of Pandemic – 

Many people are still wondering how did the company worked in the midst of the pandemic crisis? The pandemic had impacted the business as well as the plans of the company for handling sudden supply chain disruptions. And, when the company person was asked, about the results of the pandemic on their business and work activity, the representatives told that they had actually witnessed high demand, in the past 2 weeks – for the delivery of pallets to the client’s production sites and the collection of pallets from the distributors after use. Also, they reported that the collected volumes were around 15% higher than the last time.

Encountering Problems – 

Plus, they also noted that the customer capacities in the hospitality sector have stopped and it is like an impact that should not be overlooked. Besides, where their employees are concerned, they were happy that all the employees were able to work from home and are continuing. Also, many had doubts that the company has faced difficulties with business continuity, on which it was told that, the transport between countries is still authorized, which is something that is very important for the La Palette Rouge business. If the transport stopped for any reason, then they will quickly run into problems regarding supply to their customers. So far, the La Palette Rouge has not come across any kind of legislative impact on the services or transport. They had also created an internal crisis team tasked with supplying information to the employees, suppliers, and customers and they took into account all the government orders.