Long-Term Effects Of Untreated Vein Problems Among Adults

Varicose vein problem is common. While the thought of it doesn’t make you urge to visit a local vein clinic in Singapore, it’s a condition that must be taken in a serious tone. Vien problems can happen anywhere in any part of your body. However, the leg part is often the most affected area. Some people may experience varicose veins and other related vein problems without much-exhibiting signs and symptoms apart from the bulging vein.

Varicose veins can be attributed to many things and factors around you. Varicose problems become a significant risk if your lifestyle or work requires you to stand or sit throughout the day, which causes the vein to overwork to help the blood flow. However, blood pools are likely to occur, which causes more pressure in the veins, making them weaker.

While one can find varicose veins treatment in Singapore, it’s easy to brush off and ignore the condition if it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. As long as it doesn’t feel that something is ‘off’ about how your body feels, we’re more likely to overlook vein problems—unless it’s a severe one. Apart from being a cosmetic concern for some people, many are convinced that varicose veins won’t pose any serious health problems in the long run. But the truth is not that. Varicose vein and vein problems can impact your health.

Long-Term Effects Of Untreated Vein Problems

While it’s easy to brush off your minor vein problems, one must not ignore and deprive them of any helpful treatment. Potential vein patients don’t look for a vascular doctor in Singapore often (unlike in other health conditions). Even pain symptoms can be mistakenly attributed to problems and factors such as ageing. It’s easier to forget why your knees or legs are experiencing slight pain and discomfort.

That type of thought process is often fallacious at best. Varicose veins can indicate an underlying health problem and may put your health at risk without proper treatment through complications. In severe form, it can impact other abilities (such as running or walking) and cause impairment. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make visits to a vascular doctor.

Here are other problems that can arise from untreated vein problems:

Leg swelling

Leg swelling occurs when there is enough pressure in the veins to cause it to leak into the surrounding tissues, causing the leg (or affected area) to swell. It also causes the area to become painful, and in some severe cases, it may cause a leak of fluids.

The affected skin becomes discoloured while the surface becomes hard during the process. In such severe cases, the patient must see a doctor or be admitted to a hospital. However, you can prevent the problem by visiting a vascular doctor or consider wearing a compression stocking and raising the leg above your body to improve blood flow.

Skin ulcers

Due to swelling of the affected area, skin ulcers are also among the associated risks. As the skin area becomes prone to cracking—leaving it prone to infection, especially for open wounds. Skin ulcers can put you at risk of losing the sense of touch in your legs and feet—wounds may also take more time to heal and are more prone to cuts and bruises. While ulcers can be treated right away, leaving varicose veins untreated will give more factors for skin ulcers in affected areas to develop. Therefore, consider seeing a vein clinic early on.

Blood clot

Blood clotting can break free, causing it to travel to the heart of the lung. If it reaches these organs, it can trigger a condition called ‘pulmonary embolism’ which can be fatal. Blood clotting also leads to DVT or deep vein thrombosis. Be sure to visit your local vein clinic or doctor if you suspect yourself to have DVT. It’s crucial to receive early treatment as much as possible.

When Your Job Puts You At Risk Of Vein Problems


As we mentioned earlier, standing or sitting for an extended period of hours can harm your veins. For working professionals, learning more about vein problems can be beneficial for raising more awareness. In fact, we can all be at risk of developing varicose veins because of our lifestyle. If your daily routine comprises sitting in front of a computer for too long and not having an active lifestyle, you are at risk.

It’s also worth considering to see treatment for varicose or spider veins in Singapore if you suspect yourself to have these vein problems. People who have professions in office, education, retail stores and transportation are at risk of vein problems. If your job requires you to sit or stand for extensive long hours, it’s crucial that you take short breaks and move around. Shedding extra pounds of weight can be beneficial since it helps alleviate pressure off your leg veins.

In some cases where you are required to stand for long, low-heel shoes are far more superior than high-heels since they help support tone calf muscles for better blood flow. You should also consider visiting a local vein clinic for checkups to maintain your leg veins healthy as you age.

Final Thoughts

Vein problems are common, but it does not mean that one should brush off and ignore the problem, especially if your work exposes you to risk. Knowing the risk and how to take care of your leg vein while serving your profession is vital in maintaining it problem-free as we age.

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