Marking the cards to win the poker game:

marked cards

Marking the cards is used by many people to win any kind of poker game. And it is not that nowadays people are using it. But in the past too people were marking the cards so that they can win the poker game. But the old style of marking the cards was very obvious. And it can be detected very easily. Like people in past days used to mark cards with visible ink or something. And that thing can be seen by anyone. So, now this thing can’t work anymore.

As technology is evolving the cheating tricks also needs to evolve. So, no one can be caught while doing cheating in the game. And with the help of one can easily mark their cards. Without even grabbing the attention of other people. There are many ways to mark the cards. Like one can use the invisible ink to mark the cards. And that ink can’t be seen by eyes. It can only be seen by the UV or IR. So, only the people use UR or IV contact lenses can see the mark on the backside of the card.

Use a pattern marked card in the game

There are different types of marked cards are available in the These marked cards can only be found out by those people who are aware of it or have these cards. Because the marked cards have a little number of different patterns on the back. And these patterns are very small to find out. Some of them are as follows

  • Blackout

In this pattern, the back of the card has one less petal in the flower pattern. And as the ink that is being used is the same color of the back of the card so no one is going to find out.

  • Cut-out

The method of adding something into the black pattern is known as Cut-out. And it is done by craft knife or razor blades.

  • Tinting

Instead of blacking out one petal from the flower the whole pattern is inked into some light colors. So, the player can easily differentiate between the marked and other cards.

  • Hieroglyphics

By this method, the player doesn’t need to remember any kind of signs on the back of the card. The player will find out easily which number of cards it is just by looking at the marks.