More Things to Note Before Visiting an ENT Specialist in Singapore

ENT symptoms are prevalent in children since becoming ill is part of the natural development of their immune systems. These problems are typically mild or quickly addressed by a paediatrician, a primary care doctor, or an urgent care facility. However, it is best to consult an expert if the condition persists, worsens, or begins to impair their quality of life. Schedule an appointment with a paediatric ENT specialist at a reputable Singapore clinic or hospital for a more thorough assessment.

4 Notable Things to Know

ENT concerns are the primary reasons children visit hospitals and clinics for a check. Most paediatricians can handle common ear infections and runny noses. However, it is best to watch your child for more severe symptoms. Bring your child to an ENT specialist at a reputable Singapore clinic after noting these four factors.

#1 It is unusual for children to snore.

Snoring is adorable and hilarious, but it is not natural. According to a paediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist, medical illnesses like sleep apnea in children can cause several health problems. It can result in facial bone deformity, behavioural difficulties, and even bedwetting. If your child snores regularly, notify your paediatrician. They might recommend visiting a reputable paediatric ENT at a Singapore clinic.

#2 Sinus infections do not always result from recurring colds.

A common cold is viral, and you or doctors cannot treat it with drugs in most cases. Children might have a runny nose and cough every three to four weeks. If your child’s cold symptoms linger longer than seven days, it’s time to see a doctor. Come to an ENT specialist at a reputable Singapore facility if your child is in pain or it interferes with everyday activities.

#3 Ear tubes can help with recurring ear infections.

Ear tubes help your child’s air pressure and hearing to avoid future ear infections and the need for extra antibiotic rounds. Various factors will be considered by your paediatrician and the paediatric ENT at the Singapore clinic, including hearing level, presence of fluid in the middle ear, and language development.

#4 You can consult with an ENT specialist for more issues other than ear infections and tonsilitis.

Ear infections, runny noses, and tonsillitis are all frequent causes for parents to consult a paediatric ENT specialist in and out of Singapore. Most paediatric ENT experts can address head and neck cancer, hearing loss or impairment, swallowing issues, balance abnormalities, and other conditions.


Other Subspecialties Paediatric ENT Doctors Include

As mentioned above, ENT specialists can address many other issues. A paediatric ENT in and out of Singapore works with different medical specialities to treat each condition, including:

  • Rhinology refers to the study of nasal problems, paranasal sinuses, and nose surgery for functional and cosmetic reasons.
  • Laryngology is the study of changes in the larynx or voice box.
  • Audiology is a subspecialty that focuses on hearing loss and deafness.
  • Otoneurology is concerned with medical diseases that cause vertigo and secondary hearing loss or chronic ear infections.
  • Speech therapy and phoniatrics are treatments for speech impairments.\

Some problems in children may resolve on their own, while others may need routine therapy or surgery. It is how the various subspecialties help an ENT specialist in and out of Singapore provide your child with personalised care and attention. These subspecialties will also help ensure that your child will be comfortable after getting the proper treatment.

4 Tips for Choosing a Paediatric ENT that Best Fit

Children suffer from more ear infections, adenoid and tonsil problems, and sinus issues than adults. Finding a reputable paediatric ENT in Singapore is critical to your child’s health and well-being. Here are four tips to help you find the doctor who best fits your needs.

#1 Credentials

Every ENT doctor has received training in paediatric ENT services in their Singapore clinics. They can treat any common sinus or ear condition. You only need to consult with a paediatric ENT specialist in rare circumstances, like when your child has severe ear, nose, or throat ailments. These ailments need specialised treatment and surgical procedures. Board-certified ENTs can treat both children and adults.

#2 Bedside Manner

It’s critical to locate a reputable ENT doctor who enjoys working with children and is skilled at that unique relationship. These attributes are challenging to quantify and make word of mouth and doctor recommendations handy.



#3 Other Essential Services

If your child shows indicators of not being able to hear well, you should take them to an ENT facility for a hearing test. Consult with a reputable ENT specialist in Singapore if your child suffers from allergies that can damage their sinuses. Your kid may need surgery to remove their tonsils, adenoids and other complex treatments. It is critical to select an ENT that is linked with a surgical facility so that your child may receive the best care in a comfortable setting.

#4 Workplace Procedures

Finding an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore with convenient scheduling practices can be challenging. They should also have competent and courteous office staff, easy-to-access locations, and kid-friendly waiting spaces. You can typically find information online. However, be wary of user evaluations, which aren’t necessarily unbiased. A competent paediatric ENT in Singapore will list their office location on their website. Contacting your physician for referrals is usually a good idea.

Consult with a Reputable Paediatric ENT Specialist

Are you noticing disturbed sleeping habits or snoring in your child? Have they been persistently sneezing and having runny noses? It is best to make an appointment with a reputable paediatric ENT doctor in Singapore to discuss treatment options.

Dr Jenica Yong is an ENT specialist who specialises in paediatrics. She has participated in several international and local conferences. She has given regional and worldwide presentations and is the first author of numerous indexed journal articles. Schedule an appointment with her if you or your child has been experiencing any ENT symptoms. If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact her clinic or visit her website.