Online Payment Methods & Options

Scroll down past the press release to view and browse the database of online payment options, methods and systems. This page should assist you in finding more information and details about less common payment methods which you may encounter with a few online casinos. We have opted not to exclude the typical payment systems of online casino au for your overall convenience. Should you want to view the common payment methods of online casinos today, click on the links provided below.

With the increasing decline in direct usage of credit card payments over the internet and an increasing tendency towards the protection of card customers against massive overspending especially in view of addictive online gambling, banks are increasingly shutting down on the direct payments from credit card users to online gambling institutions.

Many of the services provided here are being increasingly utilized by online casinos to assist their customers towards highly secure online transactions where the direct use of a personal credit card is not the optimal payment solution. Many online casinos now offer special bonuses for payments transacted through these options (including bank wire transfers, money gram and western union) instead of the usual credit card payment.

When choosing an online casino, it may well be worth your while to give special attention to these bonuses as there are frequently unbeatable compensation quantities that ensure safe, happy and extremely satisfied customers. A few of these casinos go even further to offer these bonuses on a per-transaction basis. That means, every time you fund your accounts with the specified transaction types, you are always compensated accordingly for the life of your account.

There are many possibilities open for persons interested in owning a casino to obtain a casino franchise. Prices range from $0.00 (where the casino subtracts between 50% to 85% of earnings from you, the partner, for life) up to $10,000us and above (whereby you keep all 100% of the earnings because, ultimately, the casino belongs to you). With a no-cost franchise or ‘partnership’ so to say, your end earnings will be usually calculated at 15% up to 35% of the casinos’ intakes. According to the quantity of customers and revenue that you bring to these casinos, your earnings are generally increased sometimes up to 50% of earnings.

An immense amount of time, commitment and investment must go into making these casinos work for you. Since it is a ‘business’, it must be treated as such and the partner or buyer of any casino must regard it as he/she would any other business. In short, a franchisee must be able to invest not only regular, organized and dedicated time, but also money/funds into the promotion and advertising (sometimes costly) of these casinos and if you want to play online roulette game, then visit here

The online gambling industry is set to explode over the next five years and anyone with a computer, internet access and some basic start-up funds could be in for a share of the profits! A basic knowledge of internet advertising is also required. We will provide some links here to assist you with finding these resources and in starting your business; however, dedication and basic resources must be present in order for you to succeed in your venture. The casino industry for sellers is an exciting business when carried out in a correct, honest and business-like manner. An estimated gross revenue of approx. 3$billion us dollars in internet gambling operations is expected for the year 2002.

Here we provide links for persons wanting to have a casino of their own with an initial investment of $0.00 dollars. Please check back on a regular basis as we will be adding more resources to help you to market your gambling site.