Poker Cheating Devices: Here is How Analyzer Functions 

Poker is all about making money. Unfortunately, some players or rather cheats believe that they can win big using poker cheating devices easily. They win some hands, but ultimately get caught resulting in a lengthy honeymoon period in some secluded cell. Anyway, the idea is not to scare you, but to make you aware that several cheating devices are in the market and people are using it to spoil the fun of poker.

Main Features of Poker Analyzer

These cheating devices are basically a normal smartphone with handsome memory support, very tough to detect. To make it operational you need a special cheap on Android. You launch the program using the simple “Game” icon and you get several features. If we go by the commitments, the device helps you; 

  • See opponents’ cards 
  • Know the winner in advance, even before the start of the hand.
  • Play almost all popular card games from across the world. 
  • It is almost impossible to catch as the whole device is super secure. 

How Poker Analyzer Works 

  • The cheating device has a special infrared camera to read unique drawing with a barcode on the cards. 
  • These IR lenses are so smartly positioned in the device that it could read cards from a distance and all possible angles. 
  • These cards are specially designed with IR ink markers.
  • Once in an active state, the device camera reads the card and lets the user know about the card in advance.  
  • These analyzers read even bent cards or even defective cards. 
  • The reading is so quick that even the best of the eyes cannot detect its functioning. 

Blame it on technological advancement or simply the human urge to go the extra mile with the greed to make big money instantly through spurious means. Almost all poker cheating devices work on card reading capability so that the cheating player could play his cards accordingly. Infrared contact lenses, marked chip cards, pinhole cameras, output devices, poker analyzer, spy camera lens scanners, and poker shoe are some of the hottest selling cheating devices. Currently, the poker analyzer is the buzz of the town.