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Most of us are willing to invest in eyebrows and lips embroidery in Singapore with other premium makeup and cosmetics in the beauty department. We all want to look good and as pleasing as possible in front of our partners, loved ones and even the people we encounter casually outside our homes.

Many of us have grown conscious of how our eyebrows affect our looks. A woman’s beauty routine is never complete without giving attention to her eyebrows. Everyone has become aware of how it can mould our facial features. A well-groomed eyebrow can create a face-lift and a younger appearance!

Gone are the days when we have to fervently pluck out eyebrows or the days when we have to be anxious about our sparse brows. Thanks to modern technology and innovation in the beauty and cosmetic industry, getting eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow microblading in Singapore is easy. Eyebrow embroidery has made it possible for us to have fuller eyebrows that stand out!

Preparing For Eyebrow Embroidery – What You Should Know First About The Treatment!

Before you decide to visit a local eyebrow embroidery artist for an appointment, there are a few things you have to keep in mind first! Preparation is always a necessity, even when it’s a cosmetic treatment. Apart from preparing your budget for eyebrow embroidery price, being knowledgeable about it will help you maximise its benefits.

So, without further ado, here are a few things you to keep in mind first before booking your eyebrow embroidery:

It creates different effects

Not all eyebrow embroidery is the same. The process mainly adds colour pigmentation to the skin’s layer, going beneath via disposable needles. The process helps create a favourable outcome that tailors and suits your facial shape and design preference.

There are at least two techniques in eyebrow embroidery: microblading helps create natural hair-like strokes. The other one is the shading process, which adds in a powder-like effect to help your eyebrow look bolder and fuller.

It’s a delicate but safe process

The typical duration of eyebrow embroidery can last up to 2 hours. While we mentioned that a disposable needle will help insert colour pigmentation beneath the surface of your brow’s skin, a numbing cream will be used to help comfort.

In most cases, you can ask for a numbing cream to help ease discomfort and ensure you will have a pleasant and pain-free experience throughout the process. Therefore, it is essential that an experienced and professional eyebrow embroidery artist should be the one to perform the procedure to prevent injuries, unwanted side effects and infection. Make sure that you look for professional embroidery and check their credentials. Remember, it’s a delicate process!

You won’t need to use a pencil for the next 12 months

Yes, that’s right! Typical eyebrow embroidery can last to a year (or even more) since the pigmentation fades gradually in a slow process. Thus if you’re having difficulty putting down that eyebrow pencil, investing yourself in an eyebrow embroidery will help cut the time you need to prepare your eyebrows.

To make up for the fading, you can perform a touch up annually with an eyebrow embroidery artist to ensure that your brow maintains and lasts for more than a year.

Eyebrow Embroidery Preparation – What You Should Do Before The Treatment



Now, if you’re fully invested in trying an eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, here’s what you should do to help you prepare and achieve what you want:

Show the artist of your preferred eyebrow shape

You can’t just expect the artist to know what you want (despite the beautician ‘knowing’ about your facial shape and structure). Every eyebrow embroidery treatment is all about helping you achieve what you want as a customer. So, if you desire to leave feeling satisfied with a premium eyebrow look, help your beautician artist by showing what type of eyebrow you have in mind.

If you’re not sure what you want for the process, there are tons of results you can find on online eyebrow mood boards or on Pinterest. The artist will also show you how the eyebrow will look on you before the treatment starts.

Consider microblading

Eyebrow microblading is one of the most popular eyebrow embroidery techniques, especially for a more natural look. Microblading is a technique that will help refine your eyebrows with natural-looking hair-like incisions, which works best if you have a sparse eyebrow. Consider the choices from soft combo to bold combo or hair strokes.

Discuss the reason

All of us have specific reasons for wanting eyebrow embroidery. Thus, discussing it with your artist or beautician will help them realise your goals. For example, you might want to enhance your eyebrow with a trendy misty look or want to get rid of the sparse brow look.

Avoid consuming alcoholic or caffeinated beverages

At about 48 or 24 hours before receiving treatment, your professional beautician will advise you to refrain from consuming caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. The advice will help prevent excessive bleeding since alcohol and caffeine can affect how the need and pigmentation penetrate the skin. Therefore, you should consider expecting this advice soon once you start booking an appointment.

You can also expect some advice about specific types of medications (aspirins as an example) that can increase the chance of bleeding during eyebrow embroidery treatment. In this case, you can consider visiting a doctor for alternatives to the medicine.

Final Thought

Knowing what to expect beforehand will help you get through the process and prepare yourself for the treatment. So, if you are aiming to enhance your eyebrow, consider choosing only the most experienced eyebrow embroidery artist/beautician for a safe and risk-free procedure.


If you are looking for brow embroidery or eyeliner embroidery in Singapore, visit Lebellbrow for more details.