Product Development: 6 Ways to Conduct Successful Testing

There’s now a high expectation for products in the market. It leaves no room for manufacturers to make mistakes with their reliability test services that will risk the safety and health of the public consumers. When you go to the supermarket and pick a product, you can see on the packaging that manufacturers include, “contact us through this email if you have any concerns.” Through this given option, customers have now the right to sue a company if the products risk their overall well being.

And, of course, the social media where people can post their rants about a product that can affect your company’s reliability and reputation. For sure, you’ve already seen people who posted their bad experiences that trended and made an impact. First, you’ll lose a significant amount of customers, then the financial loss, and worse, the closure of your company.

To avoid this, you should rely on product testing through reliability test services, burn in test, or burn in board. As you do so, here are some ways to ensure a successful product testing process:

How to Conduct a Successful Product Testing

Product testing is not just about knowing the possible effects on the consumers. But instead, you also have to consider the environmental reactions, feature malfunctions, and adaptability. As you test these areas, you’ll be able to increase the safety of your consumers. However, product testing is more than meets the eye because you must rely on modern technology.

There are now reliability test services, an automated burn in test, or a burn in board. It might sound unfamiliar to you, but let this article introduce you to these product tests to have a successful evaluation.

1) Backup Your Product Concept With Science

People nowadays don’t believe in hearsay or superstition because they want concrete evidence backed by explanation and science. Even in beauty products, people want to know the purpose of ingredients. As a manufacturer, keep in mind that people are becoming more intelligent as a shopper. You have now the responsibility for ensuring the safety of your products before sending them to the market.

To have a successful product evaluation, you should use a testing process backed up by science like automated burn in test and burn in board. In a burn in test, you detect early failures by relying on semiconductor devices.

It usually tests the electrical cycle, applicable for phones, appliances, and electronics. In conclusion, since science is becoming more advanced, it would be best to take advantage of it and ensure effective products for your customers.

2) Check Every Feature

It would also help to check every feature of your products. Doing so will improve the customer experience, usability, and design. Through product testing, you’ll be able to test all the essential features that can improve product performance.

For instance, you can use the reliability test services to examine the reaction to environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and vibration. To help you, here are some features you need to consider while doing the reliability test services:

  • Tangible and intangible attributes
  • Benefits
  • Product features include buttons, wirings, etc.

As you do so, you can avoid compromising one feature over another. For instance, customers like the product style, but the benefits do not produce satisfactory results. Hence, for product testing, including every part for 100% product performance.

3) Test the Adaptability

Another thing you should test is the product adaptability to its environment. It includes the temperature, vibrations, humidity, climate, etc. There is a  lot to consider for your products to know how adaptable they are for environmental factors. You can use the burn in board product testing to detect early failures. For instance, if you’re manufacturing a phone, you can use this testing to see the possible losses it can encounter due to the environment.

By testing the adaptability, you can confidently promote your products about the possible solutions to avoid such failures. For example, you can advise your customers not to put the products in a hot climate because it can deteriorate the functionality. You can also recommend that they put products on an even platform to avoid damaging the interior.

4) Market Testing

Apart from reliability test services, burn in testing and burn in board, you should also do market testing by giving free samples to your customers. With this, you can see their initial reactions about the product, and you can ask them about the areas to improve. As such, you can ensure product effectiveness before sending them to the market. To help you conduct a market analysis, you should gather participants based on your target market.

After gathering them, give them free samples, which they can use for a week or months. Also, give them guidelines about which areas they need to focus on. For example, they should check how the phone’s battery capabilities or the appliances react to cold temperatures. See, you can improve your products based on real-life human experiences with this data.

5) Monitor the Products

During the product testing, make sure to monitor the products and how they respond during the reliability testing services. With your observation, you can take some notes about the areas you need to improve and bring more into consideration. If, for instance, you see that the products are not working along with the vibrational impact. You can recalibrate your product features and make them more stable.

You can also hire some scientific experts to help you monitor the products. You’ll have professional advice about what you need to change in doing so. Hence, be more hands-on with the testing to improve the outcome for your customers.

6) Partner with Reliable Testing Centres

Finally, you have to look for reliable testing centres that can offer reliability testing services, burn in test, and burn in board. By partnering with them, you’ll increase your chances of making the product testing more successful. After all, they have the proper knowledge about detecting failures and product testing.

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