Pros of Using a Tradie Vehicle as Your Family Car

Tradie or ute vehicles are automotives made primarily for work and chore-related needs. Pick-up trucks, utility vehicles, and other cargo-carrying vehicles go under the said category. These being said, are tradie vehicles really only good for work needs?

Because of the general structure and capabilities of a ute, many car enthusiasts and even regular owners suggest that it may be a good idea to choose a tradie vehicle as your go-to family car. Doing so will reap a lot of benefits, one being the eliminated need for having two separate cars, which can be impractical.

If you’re one of those who are not yet convinced on why you should use your ute as a family car, then you’re in the right place. In the following sections, we’ll walk you through some of the pros that you can look forward to.

1. Cost-Efficient Choice

If you already have a tradie vehicle and you’re looking for a family car, buying another one will definitely rob the bank. This can be impractical to do, especially if you’re saving for more important things like your day-to-day expenses, monthly payments, and the like.

By using your ute as your family car, there will be no need to pay thousands for a brand new one.

Since your financial responsibility doesn’t stop with simply buying the unit, you can also expect to save yourself from higher monthly and annual expenses. This means that you won’t have to process additional insurance costs, registration fees, and maintenance in the long run.

[2. Versatile Structure

A tradie vehicle is literally built to handle heavy needs. This explains why there’s a bespoke space for your things and another space for you, and whoever else will ride the car.

Similarly, this is where the versatility of the vehicle roots from. It functions greatly if you bring it to family trips, camping, and even long road trips. If you have an RV or any towable unit, then you can also rely on the ute to do its job.

What makes it even better is you can rest assured that even if you use the ute for the said functions, its quality as a work vehicle won’t degrade.

3. Runs on Latest Technologies and Features

If you want to always be ahead of the trends in the automotive field, then a tradie vehicle can give you just that. Depending on the features, you can expect it to be timelessly functional for all your needs.

One of the most recent models that you should look into is the Mazda BT 50. It’s a ute that is equipped with some of the latest features, so it will surely not disappoint tech-focused drivers.

For an overview, some of the modern functions that you can expect from the latest tradie vehicles include adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency brakes, wireless device connections, and more. These will be handy in both work and personal needs.

4. Reliable Performance

Since tradie vehicles are made with specs like large cargo and towing capacity, great storage and boot space, and high-quality engine range, you can expect to get access to an equally great performance.

Unlike others vehicle types, a ute won’t break down that easily. One unit can last for more than a decade, considering that you take good care and maintain both its exterior and interior. You also won’t have any problems with other aspects like speed, pressure, compression, and horsepower. Of course, take note that this statement will only be true if you choose your ute carefully before buying.

5. Allows Options for Customisable Designs

Most tradie vehicles are compatible with various customisation options. This means that no matter if you’re a small family of three or a big one consisting of more than five kids, you can expect to be able to modify it according to how you and your family will use it.

For reference, you can change the exterior design, tires, interior size, cargo size, and more. Even a ute’s engine can be customised with the right resources. Just make sure to consult a professional mechanic before doing so.

You should also remember that the bigger changes you ask from the unit, the more expenses you need to take care of. It’s still best to look for a certain tradie vehicle that will only require a few modifications on the side.

6. Accessible Cargo Space

More often than not, a tradie vehicle’s cargo space can easily be accessed. Some pick-up trucks also have open cargo areas for an even more accessible space. Either way, you can expect not to find any difficulty in packing your things, luggage, and other necessities.

Compared to a regular car, this also means that you won’t have to struggle with an overly crowded cabin.

On a side note, you’ll be glad to know that despite working with accessible cargo space, you can still guarantee your things’ safety in the long run since some are equipped with installable shades and covers.

7. Provides Comfort

Despite the original purpose of utes, modern utes have taken huge strides in comfort levels. They possess the quality of an SUV’s interior, and thus, you won’t have to worry even if you go for a long drive.

8. Child and Pet-Friendly

The last benefit on our list is a tradie vehicle’s ability to be child and pet-friendly. Because of this, you can feel free to use the ute even when you’re travelling with your kids and fur friends. This highly contributes to how compatible the said vehicle is when used as a regular family car.

Of course, safety precautions are still necessary, but unlike others, both comfort and security are innate in their design and structure.


As you can see, choosing a reliable tradie vehicle, and using it as both a work and family car will open a lot of benefits for your needs. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but it will also be able to provide comfort and functionality all in one.

Keep in mind that in order to fully make the most out of the pros of your tradie-turned-family car, you should ensure that you will be getting a high-quality model. Taking your needs and preferences into account is also a must, so you can enjoy driving around it.