SHR Hair Removal 101: What You Need to Know

We often see a lot of women who are into permanent hair removals in Singapore. Women tend to wear sleeveless tops and swimsuits, especially during summer days. Besides, it would be awkward if their armpits are exposed and it’s full of hairs. The same goes whenever they always wear swimsuits at the beach. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for them if someone notices how hairy they are down there?

Women are not the only ones who remove hair from their body— men too. You can see countless men nowadays are shaving their armpits for hygiene. By removing the hair, it can reduce the instances of sweating. Remember that men sweat more than women. Moreover, men do not just remove the hair under their arms, but also their facial hair too. Even though this depends on one’s preference, we can still see lots of men shaving off their facial hair for a clean look. 

Since removing body hair is a norm in our society, several beauty spas and aesthetic clinics are now offering various hair removal services. In Singapore, one of the trending permanent hair removals is SHR!  

What is SHR?

In Singapore, SHR or Super Hair Removal is a new kind of procedure that is safe and painless! It makes use of an applicator that shoots low fluence lasers on the skin. There is a bit of heat that can be felt during the procedure, however, it does not cause extreme discomfort. To make the experience painless and more comfortable, there is a concurrent contact cooling effect. With this hair removal procedure, the hairs are removed even from the roots. 

How is SHR Different from IPL?

Before, most people would choose IPL over waxing and shaving. Just like SHR, IPL also uses lasers (specifically light energy) to remove even the hair’s roots. Once the light reaches into the hair roots, it is now “cauterized”. It means that it will not grow any hair strands anymore. 

Although IPL is also a safe and effective hair removalprocedure, it cannot eliminate fine hairs. After the procedure, expect some hair left. The good thing is that it is not too noticeable. If compared to SHR hair removal, the latter is more effective. Even the thinnest hairs are removed. Moreover, SHRis more convenient as you only have to go back to the aesthetic clinic once a month for 6 weeks. Meanwhile, IPL requires one to go for two more sessions a week. 

How to Prepare for SHR Hair Removal 

You might be attracted to get an SHR removalbecause of its impressive results. However, before the scheduled procedure, make sure to do some preparations first. Your esthetician may advise you what are the things to be done first before starting with the procedure. Even though this is the case, it would still be better to know a few preparations to ensure you only get the maximum results. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for an SHR removal treatment: 

  • Consult Your Dermatologist to Know What Topical Products to Avoid

The first thing to do is to take a quick visit to the dermatologist. You have to consult them about the skincare and body care products you use that may cause photosensitivity. Remember that an SHR is also a laser hair removal. The lasers could cause the skin to darken further if you continue using products that may trigger photosensitivity. It is going to make the skin look like it’s burnt! So, you should know whether the products you are using are safe to use. It is recommended to switch to gentle lotions and creams instead. 

Also, it is essential to stop using any skincare and body care products three days before the treatment. You have to come to the clinic with your body in its natural state to ensure a successful hair removalprocedure. 

  • Protect Your Skin from Sun Exposure

The sun’s rays are the number one enemy of your skin. If you are always exposed under the sun before the scheduled appointment, then expect your skin to look burnt right after. Only go out and enjoy the sun once you have applied sunscreen. Sunscreen can help protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. Keep in mind though that you have to choose a sunscreen that has a high SPF for more effective sun protection. 

  • Refrain from Getting Aesthetic Treatments

Make sure to set the date of your SHR hair removal two weeks after your other aesthetic treatments. This includes Botox injections, facelifts, and dermal fillers. It would also be better if there is a month in between these treatments. Doing this will help prevent major side effects after hair removal. 

Remember to Shave First!

Always remember, shave don’t wax! Your hair’s roots should be visible during an SHR as the roots are the targeted areas. So, do shave a day before your treatment. Also, you must prevent using tweezers and epilators as these tools could cause the hair’s roots to disappear. 

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