Surprising and interesting facts on synthetic diamonds you should know

You may not have heard about lab-grown diamonds, synthetic or cultured diamonds because we are mostly aware of diamonds that are mined. For every one of us, diamonds take millions of years to get created underneath the surface of the earth. But, with technological advancement everything is changing, and so is the process of creating diamonds and gems. Now, diamonds are even manufactured in laboratories under controlled setting with the use of cutting edge technology. These man made diamonds Melbourne are identical to the ones that are mined and carry the same features. The process is quick and it hardly takes a few days or a few weeks to make them. It is a great achievement of scientists that diamonds are created in the labs and they no more require millions of years.

They are known as cultured diamonds

Interestingly man made diamonds Melbourne are referred to as cultured diamonds. Don’t think that diamonds created in the lab are fake or are not genuine. They are known as cultured diamonds and are very much pure and genuine. These magnificent pieces are pure and refined, making them on-demand perfect diamonds.

Don’t think that they are synthetic diamonds

Simply because the diamonds are manmade or cultured, they are not synthetic diamonds. The term synthetic implies that the pieces mimic natural diamonds but this is not so. Indeed, they are natural diamonds produced in a lab setting. For instance, moissanite is synthetic diamond which does not bear the properties of real diamond. However, it is not an actual diamond. On the other hand, manmade diamonds are real diamonds with the physical and chemical properties of real diamonds only. They are indeed cultured diamonds than being synthetic diamonds.

They are real diamonds only 

Owing to the superior properties of manmade diamonds, they are categorized as real diamonds or natural diamonds only. Bearing carbon property, the diamonds are natural and in no way less than real diamond.

It is time to move eco-friendly

Interestingly, manmade diamonds are eco-friendly. It consumes fraction of natural resources to create manmade diamond. This is in contrast to natural diamonds that tend to exploit natural resources to get created. The simple process of diamond mining causes air pollution to a great extent. Owing to the environmental concern, there is a rising demand for manmade diamond. Its creation process is efficient and there is no water pollution, environment pollution. Deforestation is also controlled through manmade diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds and their longevity

It is surprising to note that lab-grown or manmade diamonds last forever. They won’t lose the features, properties and quality over time. The diamonds are authentic and may be passed from one generation to another.

The precision is unmatched

Lab-grown diamonds are extremely perfect and the precision is unmatched. The perfection level is better than real diamonds and so they are high on demand.

You may not be aware that manmade diamonds are simply manufactured by using ethical practices. There is no involvement of child labor and the price is also less. The technique is not labor-intensive.