The 3 Most Common Inks Used For T-Shirt Printing Services

If you’re planning to acquire a corporate t shirt printing in Singapore, many factors influence the outcome of an end product, such as the design, the fabric of the shirt and the printing method. We all desire a high-quality print with an impressive, quality finish. It should be durable and attractive to catch people’s attention, especially if you plan to use it for marketing your brand.

If you choose to opt for corporate t shirt printing in your area, one factor you should look for is what kind of ink the company will use for printing. To give you a general idea about what type of ink you will use, here are a few types of inks commonly used for t-shirt printing:

1. Plastisol

If you have been opting for company printed t shirts for a while, you might be familiar with plastisol inks. Plastisol inks are common for screen printing, which makes them versatile and ideal for custom shirt printing. It has a thick dye with high density that does not arch. They are easy to manage and use. However, they often tend to sit on top of the fabric, which makes the shirt less breathable.

2. Discharge

Discharge inks are known to eliminate and replace the original garment’s colour with its dye. Almost every t shirt printing company in Singapore uses discharge-type ink for printing on darker and coloured garments without basing. However, it has the disadvantage of not working well with 100% per cent type of cotton, and a heat source is necessary as part of the curing process.

3. Water-based ink

Water-based ink is a highly favoured sink; it binds well with fabric-type clothing. Water-based ink meshes and blends well in the t-shirt instead of sitting it on top of the fabric. However, it does provide a softer look, which makes it best for light-coloured or white fabric clothing.

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