The 5 Greatest Heroes of the Science-Fiction Movie Genre

Science-fiction is a film genre almost as old as cinema itself. It began way back in 1902, when French film-maker George Meilies’ led a group of astronomers on a mission to the moon in a silent movie he not only directed, but also starred in: Le Voyage dans la Lune. With its satirical edge and fantastical elements, Le Voyage dans la Lune wowed audiences and gave rise to hundreds of sci-fi flicks from film-makers across the globe.

Granted, the genre mainly consisted of low-budget B movies for the first half of the twentieth century. But the success of Stars Wars in the 1970s paved the way from the big-budget, high-action sci-fi blockbusters we’ve now come to expect, about everything from alien invasions to genetically-engineered dinosaur theme parks.

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