The Bets for The Perfect Sports Options as Per Your Requirement

Who told you that it was impossible to be guaranteed to win by making online sports bets? Well, know that this person has tricked you, because there is a type of safe bet, called SureBet. If you’ve never heard of this sports betting system before, then it’s time to catch up, because if it is, you may have missed out on big winning opportunities. We will teach you how to spot a SureBet and how to take full advantage of it.

Understand Quickly

You will quickly understand that you are in a SureBet situation when a sports bet will allow you to win, whatever the outcome of the sports match. The advantage is that when you find yourself in such a situation, you can bet on all the possible results relating to an event, and have lots of opportunities to win. 

Note that bookmakers do not usually offer this type of betting, because it is a real shortfall for them. We will give you a concrete example. Okay, let’s say you are watching a football game, and you want to bet on it. You will recognize the situation of SureBet, if betting on a home win, a draw or even an away win is the same thing. Also note that the situation of SureBet will never appear on a single sports betting site. Indeed, it will only work if you play on several bookmaker sites. Basically, the more accounts you have on different sports betting sites, the more opportunities you will find yourself in a 토토 SureBet situation.

Understanding a SureBet

Now let’s move on to math to allow you to take advantage of a SureBet situation. You will have to choose a given sporting event, and find the best odds , on the different bookmaker sites on which you are registered. Thereafter, you will have to add the inverses of each dimension. You will find yourself in a SureBet situation if the sum of these odds is less than 1 . As a result, in football, if a home victory has odds A, the draw draws odds B and the away win wins odds C. The sum of the inverses is calculated as follows: 1 / A + 1 / B + 1 / C. If, the sum of the inverses is less than 1, then there, jackpot, you find yourself in a SureBet situation, and you can bet at will, without any stress.

Surebet example

To fully understand what a Surebet is , we suggest you give yourself a concrete example. The match in question is Manchester United against Manchester City. Here are the odds available depending on the bookmakers:

  • Bwin: Manchester United 2.70 / Draw 3.80 / Manchester City 2.40
  • Betfirst: Manchester United 2.95 / Draw 3.60 / Manchester City 2.70
  • Ladbrokes: Manchester United 3.05 / Draw 3.55 / Manchester City 2.35

By applying the surebet calculation on Bwin, we get (1 / 2.70) + (1 / 3.80) + (1 / 2.40) = 1.05. So there is no surebet . On the other hand, if you bet at the best odds on the 3 different bookmakers, we get the following calculation: (1 / 3.05) + (1 / 3.80) + (1 / 2.70) = 0.961. So we are in the presence of a 3.9% surebet . If you bet a total of € 1000, you will win € 39 whatever the final result of the match.