The End of an Era

This week is my last week at Cagecity as I have some pretty exciting things coming up soon, but of course I’m going to miss it! If you’re a Londoner looking for a laid-back work atmosphere I would definitely get in touch (especially if you’re a blogger since you’ll get to meet a ton of fellow-bloggers on the Cagecity Meets shoots!) as there are some intern positions available including mine and working with the Handmade designers is so fun and inspiring.

I’ve loved working with Nadine and Leyla, it’s literally like a little family there and it’s just a constant flow of creativity and bouncing ideas off one another. You really have a voice there and if you’re looking to spread some creative vibe it’s a good place to be. It was my first experience as a buyer and it really helped me open my eyes and figure out what I wanted, it was quite the ‘toe dipping’ experience for me, but not only did I experience buying, I actually experienced everything and saw how a business is run first hand and got to be involved in a decent amount of that process and it’s been so much fun.

So while I’m away pursuing other parts of my life (the design side of fashion if anyone was wondering), I’ll be sitting back and watching them go big and remembering the part I got to play in all that, and who knows, maybe I’ll make a grand return one day!

My designated photographer is with her fella this weekend unfortunately for me, so my photos aren’t as good as when she does them, but at least now I’ve actually used my new tripod! It was a cheap online one so it’s a bit wonky but the outcome isn’t so bad – I still look cute and I LOVE my new Ray-Ban Sunglasses!

I’m still obsessed with this oversized baseball jersey style tee that the lovely guys at New Look treat me to last Fashion week season, it’s my go-to for when I want to be comfy and I pretty much wear it for uni like every day! Unfortunately, they don’t have it anymore *sobs* but Karma Clothing have it in like a zillion colours so you can always grab it there! I have worn the shoes and the tee together before, but now I’ve dug out the fur coat I had to wear them together!