Things worth considering for data center architecture

Many companies are opting for on-premise data centers, and that has increased the demand for comprehensive data center architecture. No matter whether you are a cloud service provider or are intending to invest in a data center, planning is critical for ensuring that you get the most out of your project. Working with the firm for design and architecture can make a big difference. For instance, data center architect Stendel Reich have managed projects for clients all over Quebec and Canada, and they have the experience and expertise to handle complex architectural demands and challenges. There are a few things about data center architecture that are hard to ignore. In this post, we are sharing more on things worth knowing and considering for design. 

Focus on power management 

For a business, data center outages can have a devastating impact. To prevent the same, the design of the project should consider and address common concerns associated with management. Besides power backup, the cooling systems must be implemented adequately, so as to protect all IT assets. If you are engaging an architectural practice, share your immediate requirements for airflow and cooling, besides power management. 

Workflow planning is critical

Data centers need to have a well-planned workflow system, so that processes that are to be repeated from time to time can be done in an organized manner. Talk to the architectural practice you have hired and ask in depth about how they plan to handle the inherent challenges, which could be related to project requirements, space, and anything in between. The workflow plan should be such that actions are easy to trace and audit, as and when needed. 

Think of automation

Many of the operational functions and processes within a data center can be automated. While planning the data center design, make sure that automation is a part of your scope. This is not just to reduce human errors, but also keep a curb on the costs. If your data center components and segments are automated, the time required for maintenance will be considerably lower. 

Choose the right data center architect

Like we mentioned before, hiring the right data center architect for your project is critical. You have to consider working with a team that knows the ins and outs of designing data centers and they should have a profile that proves their expertise. Get a quote in advance and discuss how they intend to manage contingencies.