Things You Need to Expect from Your First Colorectal Clinic Visit

Are you still anxious about visiting a colorectal clinic in Singapore for the first time? It’s quite normal to have such feelings since you’re clueless of what your diagnosis will be. Moreover, you’re unaware of what you should expect from your specialist as soon as you meet them on your initial appointment.

Well, you can focus on the latter and leave the former to the medical experts. Prepare yourself for your first check-up and never be caught off-guard with the things that your colorectal clinic will ask from you. Here are some of them that you should expect once you enter their centre for your scheduled visit:

Lots of Questions

Like other medical checks, expect your first colorectal doctor visit in Singapore to be full of questions from your specialist. These include your vital information like your name, address, contact details, and birthdate. Some centres may even ask more details about yourself if they do not have your records yet.

They will then proceed on asking about your current condition. Start with the different symptoms you’ve been suffering from before your colorectal clinic visit. These include any pain or discomfort that’s been bugging you for several days already. Share significant changes in your body that may be vital for their diagnosis.

Essential Item to Prepare: Detailed Timeline of Your Condition

It is not another regular timetable that details when your condition started to manifest, and when you visited your colorectal doctor for your initial check-up. Hence, provide your specialist with a comprehensive report on when you felt these symptoms, when it throbs or stings significantly, and what body parts were affected. Again, these details should be accurate and precise.

History Checks

After your initial interview, they would then ask about your medical history. Most colorectal clinics in Singapore do these follow-up history checks before they start their proper diagnosis. Aside from determining the root cause of your condition, it also helps them identify your needed treatments.

So, if you’re about to share with them your medical records, better include your previous diagnosis and conditions for their reference. It would be great to also mention about medications and procedures you took to alleviate your other colon or rectum related ailments.

Essential Item to Prepare: List of Your Family’s Medical History

Apart from your health records, it is also essential that you prepare a detailed list of your family’s medical history. Your colorectal doctor may ask about your kin’s history of bowel-related problems that would benefit your diagnosis. They would use these information to determine your risk of developing similar conditions with your family members.

Better check with your immediate kin if they’re comfortable sharing these sensitive details to your colorectalclinic. Besides, it would be great that they get to validate any information you’re about to give them concerning your family’s health records and medical history.

Physical Examinations

Once you finish your discussion with the colorectal doctor, prepare your body for a series of physical tests. Expect them to ask for your permission before they would even begin to examine you. You must give them your consent since it will involve several invasive and non-invasive procedures to determine your condition.

Before any colonoscopy procedures, expect your Singapore clinicspecialist to touch your body directly. They may start with your stomach and feel if your abdomen has tender lumps or spots. They may also check your rectum to see if there are any abnormalities around its walls. Expect them to use their fingers to determine these irregularities inside your rectum.

Essential Item to Prepare: Comfortable Clothing

It would always be great if you are ready to take off your clothes whenever your colorectal doctor requires you to do so. Hence, wear comfortable attire on your scheduled visit with them for you and your specialist’s convenience. Choose loose shirts and shorts that you can easily remove when needed.

It may also be your option to bring extra clothes that you can change into once you arrive in their colorectal clinic. Better yet, check if they can provide you with lab gowns you can wear during your physical examinations. Remember to give them a call to verify if they can offer you one.

More Lab Tests

As mentioned, some colorectal clinics in Singapore may have options to use invasive lab examinations to complete your diagnosis. These may involve tubes, injections, and telescopic cameras that they can also administer during your initial assessment. Hence, you may opt to have them on your follow-up checks.

Other tests may include colonoscopy and other colorectalprocedures that would help your specialist determine your condition. Again, it would be great to confirm your needed examinations before they get to apply them. You may never know; you might have an option to prepare for these procedures days after your initial visit.

Essential Item to Prepare: Some Extra Time

If you decide to proceed with these other lab examinations, then you must be ready with your extra time as you may need to stay longer with your colorectal doctor. Get to free up your schedule or take your day off to ensure that you finish all your lab examinations. Besides, these tests would be beneficial for you in the long run.

Treatment Discussion

Most importantly, never forget to discuss with your colorectal clinic the different treatment options for your condition. These may include prescriptions, surgical operations, or follow-up examinations for your further assessment. Sit down with your specialist and talk through their most recommended solutions.

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