Top-10 Caravan Buying Mistakes

Avoid these frequent missteps to avoid caravan buyer regret. When people learn that you work as a professional caravan reviewer, the questions start flying in. ‘Which camper is the right choice?’ is the most frequently asked question.

Every traveler has their own preferences; yet, what works for one person may not work for another. Avoid these frequent blunders while shopping for a new camper:

The unavailability of any provision for cabin fever

Even though they’ve never shared an entire 24-hour day with their partner, many people who work long hours away from home in their latter years hope to live happily together in a shoebox for extended periods.

Because of the circumstances on the road, weather, and the hands of novices, you’ll need an adequately-built caravan that can handle it all.

Almost everywhere may be reached with a single or tandem leaf spring and shock absorber suspension caravan. Still, a caravan with an independent trailing arm suspension handles corrugations better, faster and gives your caravan and everything in it an easier time.

A vehicle that is too big to operate off-road safely

It’s impossible to drive a large, heavy caravan down overgrown bush roads on several of Australia’s major Outback roadways even after a light rain. And then there are the actual adventurous treks like the Telegraph Track in Cape York. Put it out of your mind!

Heavy vans can slip off the road’s crown and become stuck; in the latter circumstances, you’re going to do a lot of damage on your vehicle while trying.

Because your buddies won’t be able to see or comprehend what you’re doing in your manly monster, don’t worry about attempting to impress them! Squirt it down with some muck and let them know what you think!

Things you don’t want to pay for

To avoid spending money on a smartphone that only a three-year-old can understand, think about what you and your partner (who is highly crucial in this situation) genuinely want to do before you make a purchase.

Many folks buy a caravan that’s ready for everything, only to discover that their pre-trip plans are more ambitious than their money or skill set can handle.

No Adventure bundle option.

The answer to the question ‘How long?’ is implicit in your selection. “How often?” is another common question.

When buying a caravan for a one-time trip, keep in mind that it should be structurally sound, ready to sell, and not break and leave you stranded.

Even if you don’t plan to leave the asphalt, an “Outback” or “Adventure” pack will help safeguard your investment from stone damage and improve its ability to survive repeated use in bad conditions, many of which are paved roads in isolated locations.

Disregarding growing children

The answer to the final question defines the size and features required.

Your kids or grandkids will require their own permanent sleeping accommodations, ideally opposite yours and close to the toilet and shower. A washing machine is no longer a luxury when dirty kids and their pals are aboard.

There are small family caravans, but for a long trip, you need something approximately 20-22ft long. If it’s only you and your lover, you can shorten it to 18ft 6inches to 21ft 6in.

Choosing an insufficiently large tow vehicle

Whatever you come up with must be compatible with your tow vehicle.

Most dual-cab utes can tow 3000-3500kg, but if you have a portable fridge, generator, spare fuel, table, chairs, BBQ, kids’ toys, etc., in the load bay, the reality is a little less than that.

Avoid towing a caravan that is overloaded or a heavier fleet than the towing vehicle in front of it. And what’s even better? The one significant drawback of a large, less stressed engine is a turning radius resembling a barge.

Not conducting your investigation

People wonder, ‘What is the finest caravan to buy?’ after deciding on the type of caravan they require for their travels, traveling partners, and towing vehicle.

If you’re going to buy a new or used car, there are a few things you should know before you start your research and due diligence.

Instead of focusing on reputation, relying on pricing

A superb investment is a long-running company whose founders and owners have been involved for many years.

That is to say; they are aware of the fact that they stand to lose more by damaging their brand name in your presence than they stand to gain by defrauding you. Bad news spreads like wildfire in these days of aggressive social media!

Buying from a new or unknown seller

When deciding on a retailer from whom to purchase goods, follow the same procedure, the best individuals are out there if you’re willing to look for them.

Remembering how a Melbourne Jayco dealer sold an Outback big camper trailer with beds that unfold from both sides to an older gentleman who was well into his seventies, I’m reminded of this anecdote.

To avoid a conflict of interest with the dealership’s owner, the salesperson was directed to cancel this contract because it was too physically demanding for the customer. He did, and the buyer was delighted with a smaller, electric-powered version of the same camper.

That kind of attention is what you can expect from an established dealer for a straightforward reason: they want you to return for more!

Owners of caravans should refrain from interacting with each other

Take the time to peruse the various online caravan communities and learn from the experiences of other travelers like you. Using it is entirely free, and there is no hidden intent behind it.

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