Top 7 questions to ask from a plumber before hiring him

Hiring a reliable plumber seems like a piece of cake when you know the right way to approach them. You need to know that it is your property and you are paying the plumber for their services thus, there is nothing to feel hesitant about. You may not know their job well but, you know what to expect from them.

There are many ways you can confirm if the plumber you are contacting is the right point of contact for your plumbing work. In this article, we have covered some of the most essential questions that you may ask your plumber before hiring them.

Top 7 questions to ask from a plumber before hiring him:

  1. Do you have experience?

Elaborate your question by asking the number of properties he has repaired or renovated in the past. You may also ask specific questions like if they have experience in drain cleaning service, etc…

  1. Do you have license?

Don’t miss the most important question about his license. They should possess a license to practice. 

  1. Do you represent any company?

It is important that a plumber is hired through a registered company. Unless he represents a company your property is at risk or no warranty on the plumbing work.

  1. Are you freelancer?

Avoid hiring freelancers. Freelancer would not take responsibility of any damages done to the property during the plumbing work. If he is a freelancer, excuse him by saying that you will call back.

  1. How much time will it take for you to complete the given project?

Asking for a deadline and estimated time of completion of work helps and hints the plumber that you need the task sooner. Put everything on writing instead of going by the words.

  1. Do you come for a free inspection of the property at first before the renovation?

Most companies arrange a free inspection by a plumber for leak detection. They come to your property and inspect the entire nook and corners. They will make a list of the essential repair works.

  1. Are you flexible to negotiate?

Plumbers understand everyone has a budget but, not until you break the ice on this first. Try negotiating with them and if they are open, get a contract prepared before hiring them.