Types of Vape Mods

Electronic cigarettes are still very new, but the industry is multiplying, and there are many ways you can modify your vaping experience. The most common types of mods are variable wattage, temperature control, and refillable. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of each class, along with any pros and cons they have.

Variable Voltage Vape Mods

A variable voltage vape mod or VV mod is the most basic type of vaping mod. It contains a set resistance coil activated by a switch or button that changes how much power your atomizer gets. The resistance ranges from as little as 2.5 ohms to a whopping 30-100 ohms and can be adjusted by turning a screw on the bottom of the device. They are also called “blowback” vape mods because you blow through the coils to activate them.

When you choose to vape at high wattages with a variable voltage mod, your coil will last longer because it constantly receives the same amount of power. The downside is that if you go too high, you will burn out your ring.


– Variable voltage vape mod are easy to use.

– They contain their resistances for the atomizer, so you can choose precisely how many watts you want to vape at.

– They are available in many different brands and types.


– They don’t have a way to adjust the voltage. You set the resistance of your coil, and that’s it. If you want to vape in a different setting, you must replace your entire atomizer.

– You can’t adjust wattage.

– They are not portable and must be plugged in to use.

Temperature Control Vape Mods

Temperature control or TC-regulated mods allow you to vape on dramatically more than just one resistance level without having to replace the atomizer. Instead, the mod has a chip that measures the temperature of your coil and gives it more power or less depending on the resistance level. The goal is to allow you to use different resistances and still have the same vape every time.

Temperature control regulated mods can get very technical, but there are many benefits for someone that wants to explore how it works. First, you can save a lot of money by using one device instead of several with different resistances. Secondly, you can use different coils that might not work on your other devices.


– You can save money by using the same device with various resistances and atomizers.

– You can use different sub-ohm coils on any temperature control mod.

– You don’t have to buy a new device for different types of coils.

– Temperature control is more reliable than variable voltage.


– The chips can be expensive and hard to replace.

– You might not get the same vapor from different resistances with a TC mod like other mods.

– It isn’t very easy to figure out how to use your device correctly.

– TC mods are not compatible with many types of batteries.

Rebuildable Atomizers/RBA

A rebuildable atomizer or RBA is a metal housing for coils and wick that can be reused instead of thrown away each time you replace your coil. To adjust the temperature on an RBA, change how much power your mod sends to the coil, and you can test which resistance level is right for you. You can also adjust how much power the coil is getting by twisting it, which for some people can be a more enjoyable way to vape.

A few different types of RBAs are available, and each will give you a different performance and ability. If you want more control over your device and get into customizing vape mods, a rebuildable atomizer is a great place to start.


– You can make adjustments to change your vaping experience.

– You can save money by reusing your atomizer instead of buying new ones.

– You can get different types of coils that you can’t get from other devices.

– You can turn your device off and rebuild the coil by yourself.

– They are easy to use and contain their resistances for the atomizer.

– They are more reliable than variable voltage mods because they have a built-in resistor to control how much power is delivered to the coil.

– They make it possible to fine-tune your settings and use a smaller device.


– You have to purchase a separate device to use your RBA with.

– The cost of using an RBA is usually slightly more than using a prefilled e-cigarette tank or cartomizer.

– It can be intimidating or confusing to figure out how to adjust your atomizer settings properly.

– You need to purchase specialized wick and wire suitable for your tank.

– It might be challenging to make enough coils for a reasonable price.

– You must be comfortable with soldering and wick.


Vape mods are the best way to take your vaping experience to the next level! There is a huge variety of vape mods, and each type has pros and cons. There are many ways to customize your e-cigarette experience, and the more you know about your options, the better you will be able to match your preferences. Before you invest in a new device, this simple guide should help you find your perfect match.