Understand how to combine multiple rings on the same hand

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Imagine the following situation: you love rings, and if you could, you would leave home with everyone you love. So, we have good news: now you can. This is not only because we are free to do what we want, but also because fashion is in your favour and matching rings is within current trends.

That is, now you can use and abuse these accessories and place them in the same hand or even on the same finger. This trend is even followed by several famous it-girls, such as Rihanna, Bruna Marquezine, Yasmim Brunet, Heidi Klum etc.

So, did you like the news, but still need tips to make these combinations? Do not worry. Read on and learn how!

Use combinations already defined.

As mentioned, you are now free to play with fashion as you wish. However, with this trend, you get carte blanche to create your style further and combine rings, choosing which fingers you want to use them on. Something that makes it much easier is to have some combinations already defined. For example, how about starting the combination already with your wildcard piece? Generally, people have a more precious ring, either for monetary or sentimental value. Make the ring mix look to adapt to your favourite model. For Alexander Sparks, this is important.

Put rings on thumbs and forefingers.

Using rings on the thumb or forefinger can also work on the look like ” icing on the cake ” and guarantee the charm that corresponds to a significant trend today. Another tip is to value the accessory even more and use a more attractive ring on your thumb. Besides, you can use a ring on each finger and leave only the thumb out. In this case, the recommendation is that you choose more charming and delicate pieces.

Use rings on the phalanges.

The rings on the phalanges are those that do not reach the end of the fingers and are other darlings of the trend when it comes to combining Morganite rings. As these accessories allow for a certain distance from each other, you can use more than one ring on the same finger without the look being loaded. The special tip is due to the thinner and more delicate versions of phalanges. They guarantee more harmonization to the visual. Besides, another trend of the rings in the phalanges is the interconnected versions. These are the pieces joined by a chain, usually final, in which part of the ring is on the phalanx and the other at the end of the finger.

Choose rings of the same material.

If you prefer to use rings at once, the tip to not load the look is to bet on models of the same material. So, invest in different gold rings, for example, but with different textures and sizes. This variation guarantees a flashy, fun and captivating look.

Combine rings of different materials

However, if you are more daring and prefer to vary concerning the material, it is possible to create your own rules, although it is interesting to choose thin models so as not to weigh the look. So, vary from gold to silver, black rhodium or other metal. If you can harmonize them, the contrast creates an exciting look.

Don’t be afraid to dare when matching Moissanite earrings. The most important thing is that you have good aesthetic sense and respect your taste and style. It is also worth considering the occasion and the rest of the chosen look. Now that you know how to match rings, how about entering the store and start choosing your models?

Choose Moissanite

Moissanite is a rare colourless mineral with diamond sheen. It is seldom found in nature and little known to the average man. But its synthetic imitation is almost not inferior in beauty to the king of precious stones a diamond.


Natural stone has a greenish or black colour. The palette of shades of synthetic moissanite is much more extensive: the technology of growing crystals allows you to get any colour. But colourless artificial specimens resembling diamonds are most often used.


The properties of moissanite are almost the same as those of diamond. Its hardness reaches 8.5–9.25 on the Mohs scale: synthetic stone scratches to glass. The hardness index is only higher for natural diamond and corundum. Synthetic moissanite is characterized by a high degree of transparency and purity. Inside the crystal, there are almost no third-party inclusions, cracks and other defects inherent in natural stones.

Production method

To obtain moissanite, several technologies are used. The most famous was proposed and patented by the American company Charles & Colvard: it allows you to get stones with incredible brilliance and purity. The technology has been tested over two decades of use. Silicon carbide powder sublimates into crystals at room temperature, which is heat-treated at a temperature of 2400 degrees. Moissanite crystals are quite large. They can reach 5.5 carats or more. Moissanites weighing 12 carats were obtained experimentally, although this method has not yet been widely used.

Moissanite Jewelry

The popularity of moissanite in jewellery is growing. Although its cost is higher than that of cubic zirconia, it still cannot be compared with the price of a diamond. Therefore, moissanite can be used to create replicas of famous jewellery, and as an alternative to more expensive stones. The selection of jewellery with this stone is quite extensive. It goes well with precious metals and gems, looks spectacular in any cut and colour. At the same time, moissanite is durable, worn for a long time, not demanding on the conditions of care. The rings with colourless stones are most popular: a tapeworm with a large insert attracts the attention of others. No less beautiful is earrings or pendants with moissanite.

Care Features

It is not difficult to look after jewellery with moissanite. They need to be cleaned from pollution from time to time: this problem is especially relevant for products decorated with small loose inserts. Dust, particles of skin, the remains of cosmetics are clogged into the corners of the decoration and fill micro-cracks on the surface of the stone, which makes it cloudy.

To clean jewellery with a moissanite, you need:

  • Prepare a weakly concentrated soap solution;
  • Lower the decoration for a few minutes;
  • Rinse under running water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

You can also wipe the surface of the stone with ethyl alcohol or treat it with a special cloth with impregnation. This is enough to restore moissanite shine and extraordinary radiance. Strong pollution to remove at home is not recommended. Folk cleaning methods soda, toothpaste, the powder can damage the surface of a metal frame. It is better to take the jewellery to the jewellery workshop once every six months, where it will be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath or using special detergents.