What are the different ways to take card payment?

Whenever you start a new business, then you should consider accepting card payment as many customers nowadays tend to pay by card rather than paying by cash as they want to go cashless to avoid the usage of paper to make notes.

So whenever a businessman starts a business, he should immediately look in the market for the provider that will give them a fair deal on providing them with a good deal on setting up the payment service that has been requested by the business owner.

It is a very tricky type of service to accept card payments as there are many people in the market which will offer you the best price so that you take their service without even trying to find in the market and listening to the deals offered by other payment service providers.

Different ways to take card payment

There are mainly four ways in which you can accept card payment for your business:-

 Online merchant like PayPal and Stripe:-

These are the two utmost and leading payment service provider out there in the market which provides you with a fair and a great deal on your payment service.

These are the companies that will help you to set up the machines as well as the portal so that you can easily take payment to withdraw online or offline.

If you don’t have an online webpage, then you have to give the company your:-

  • You need to give them your name, address, email and your phone number.
  • They will help you to create a website that has the button to pay online using the PayPal portal.
  • Then you should test it yourself by clicking on pay now, and you will be taken to the PayPal payment portal.

A merchant account with a bank:-

This is the hardest way possible as there is much extra cost required in it and you have to compulsorily create bank account so that you can directly be redirected to the bank’s official payment website.

This also means that you will get a POS machine for your business by the bank so that the customers at your store can also pay at the store by directly just swiping the card and entering the PIN number to verify its usage.

Pin payment:-

This is the combination of Merchant account and payment gateway. This means that your client can directly pay to you using this Pin system without even worrying about how to pay.

 Mobile card reader:-

This is an attachment which comes by the bank or a service provider directly to your delivery address which contains instructions with it.

You will have to connect the attachment to your mobile slot using the earphone cord and then install the application of PayPal and then select the option of chip reader and insert the chip face upward in the phone scanner and enter the amount, and then the customer will have to enter the OTP and complete the transaction.

I hope you get all the information you were searching for in this article.