What are the things you need to accept card payment?

In this article, we are talking about things that how to take card payments over the phone. Also, we will discuss if it is safe to take credit card payments through the phone.

Which are the things you need to accept card payment?

Credit cards and debit cards a very common mode of payment by customers these days. So it is a must for every business to take card payment either in the shop or on the phone. Before we go into telling you how this proves works deeply, let’s talk about its basics.

The first thing is that you will need to work with the bank provider or merchant provider for your business. Then you will have to choose which one of the following you want to use to get the payment started. After choosing, they will then provide you with equipment and an account to take card payment. These are some common differences between merchant providers and bank account providers.

With a merchant provider, you will get a dedicated account for taking all the payments in. These are provided by either Fattmerchant or the Dharma merchant service, which are merchant providers. They will give you a bank account to accept card payments by using some specific and different tools. There is a different kind of option they offer, and you have to choose the best one for your business.

When you choose a payment service like Square or Stripe, you will not receive a merchant account. You will not get a merchant account, but the payment service works quite differently. They will take all the money into one merchant account and transfer them into the appropriate bank account.

You will have to choose which service you want to avail of, either a merchant or a payment service. Both have their unique things, and you can take card payments on the phone. Merchant account charges more money, and you need to sign a contract before, which means that it is safe. In payment service, there is less fess, but there are more people, and also there is some issue that one might face.

Is it safe to pay over the phone using a credit card?

Whenever someone pays through a card, there is a risk that they might not be the user of the card. Some people make payments through the stolen credit and debit cards, so extra security should be taken.

  •  Require complete info

When taking a card payment, you should ask them for the card number, owner name, and the CVV of the card. Also, you will have to ask the full name of the customer to know that it’s them.

  •  Use a secure POS system

You have to use a secure POS system so that there are fewer chances of fraud.

  •  Confirm delivery of the product

You should confirm the delivery of any product that you order online through a website. This is because you have already made the payment through the card, so you need to check the goods. Many times they might get damaged or break while being transported.