What does Berkey water Filter remove?

One way in which people tend to keep their water clean is through filtration systems. In the world that we live in, we have to deal with so many contaminants, especially in the water that we drink. These contaminants which can include fluoride could cause various problems with our health and in the long run, lead to complications which would better be avoided. Fluoride is serious and requires immediate action.

One of the best filters to use is without a doubt the Berkey water filtration system. As someone interested in keeping your water clean, you might wonder or want to know some of the things which the USA Berkey filtration system is known to eliminate. Here is a comprehensive guide;


If you have had issues with viruses in your water, then the Berkey filters are here to help. It has been proven that they can remove all traces of the virus (the exact figure was 99.999). This means that when it comes to viruses which can be found in water, the Berkey filtration system does a superb job in making sure that water is always clean for consumption and other uses.

Chloride and other inorganic materials

Having issues with the presence of Chlorine in your water? Not to worry! With the Berkey filtration system, you can be assured that you would have no problem with chloride or with any related inorganic materials. Other materials included here would include chloramine and other residuals which may have come from chloride.

Heavy Metals

Another form of contaminants which would surely harm our body would have to be heavy metals. Heavy metals can come in various materials. These materials would include aluminium, antimony, Beryllium, Iron, Cobalt and a host of others. The scientific reports prove that when it comes to heavy metals, the Berkey filter systems are quite effective with a large number of the materials listed being over 90% sure of success when it comes to the removal of heavy metals.


Pesticides have a good and a bad side. The good part is that they can be incredibly useful when it comes to keeping pests out of your hair. The bad side of pesticides is that it can be harmful when it gets into your food and water. Some of the things which prolonged exposure to pesticides can cause would include cancer, nervous breakdown and even issues with the reproductive systems. It can also cause kidney damage and other issues which are also adverse. To make sure that you keep yourself from the issues which it can cause, using a high quality water filter will ensure that you are completely safe from it at all times.


Petrol is used in one activity or another in our life. However, it is certainly not safe to drink petrol. The problems which consumption of petrol can cause would include an accumulation of Benzene amongst others. Using a filtration system would ensure that you keep your water well filtered from the problems of petrol. Doing this would ensure that you remain in good health for the foreseeable future.


There are millions of microorganisms which exist in our world today. It is harder to deal with microorganisms as we cannot even see them with our very eyes. It becomes even harder when they are found in our water. However, after it is filtered, you can drink water free from microorganisms. This is achieved through the process of microfiltration which has proven to be an effective method of filtration.