What Kind Of Desk Chairs To Choose?

How to choose a chair for a desk? Desk chairs should be approached comprehensively. This means analyzing all the key issues and parameters affecting the final decision will be necessary.

After all, as you know, many designs are available on the market, diversified in many respects. So without a thorough analysis, buying something that will simply be uncomfortable is easy. Below we point out by far the most important issues. 

  • Adjustment of individual components. The office chair should adapt to different users. This is made possible by adjustment mechanisms, with the help of which we can change, for example, the seat’s height, the angle of the backrest, or the position of the armrests. Thanks to this, the office chair will allow you to adopt the most comfortable position, which will translate into greater comfort at work.
  • Technical parameters. Listed here are the dimensions (which need to be matched to the workstation and desk) and the maximum load capacity, which indicates how much weight the chair can “lift.” Paying attention to these issues will prevent possible decision-making mistakes and bad fitting. 
  • Performance. This is a vast concept, depending on many elements. First, whether a better choice will be a chair with wheels, skids, or standard legs is worth considering. In the first case, we can count on a fair amount of mobility and freedom of movement, while in the second case, greater stability. The final choice is also influenced by the desk’s position and shape. 

Health and Comfort of Sedentary Work

The statistical inhabitant of a developed country spends more than 80% of his daily time sitting. Unfortunately, this is not a condition conducive to health. Nevertheless, in most cases, we simply have no choice – for this is what our work requires. However, there is a lot we can do to relieve the strain on our spine and joints and make our bodies comfortable every day. The basis is the right office chair.

Prolonged work in an uncomfortable position will make its presence known even after many years. Even if now it seems to us that the most ordinary desk chair is enough, back pain and spinal diseases in some time may make us bitterly regret such a decision. What’s more, an uncomfortable chair distracts us – instead of focusing on work, we will be looking for a comfortable position. On an uncomfortable chair, this is simply impossible!

What Kind of Desk Chairs to Choose?

In stores and markets, we can choose from a wide variety of office chairs: from designer bucket chairs with a shallow seat and low back, through the simplest and cheapest chairs used in conference rooms to advanced ergonomic and gaming models – strictly designed for computer work. Furniture for children is also available.

If we care about comfort and health, the first two types of armchairs are out. They may be nice and aesthetically pleasing, but they are certainly not suitable for prolonged sitting – they are simply not healthy for the spine. So let’s take a look at the other two:

  • An ergonomic chair is designed according to current medical knowledge about how to sit properly. More advanced office chairs adjust to the user’s needs.
  • A gaming chair is nothing more than an ergonomic chair with a mostly fancy design.

At the same time, it should be noted that even gaming and ergonomic armchairs can be better or worse. So more is needed to choose the first better product labeled with such a name. 

We should have the opportunity to try the chair before buying it.