What Major Critical Illnesses Covered In A Critical Illness Policy?

For an individual who has a limited income in this era, it becomes difficult to go for costly medical treatments related to life-threatening diseases. Some common diseases can lead to a substantial financial burden on an individual as well as their family. To counter such an unforeseen event, one needs to go for the medical insurance that can help them to stand against the diseases and counter the cost of massive medical bills. In this era, medical treatment is much costly, and hence, one needs to check the policies that can help them get proper coverage against normal as well as deadly diseases.

The critical diseases covered under this kind of policy

Critical diseases are those which can be cured but you need to pay a hefty amount behind medical treatments. Cancer, Bypass surgery, paralysis, major organ failures, heart attack, aorta surgery, and kidney failures are some of the extreme situations when the life of the patient is in danger, and at the same time, the cost of the treatment is consistently mounting. These are some of the common diseases only as far as Indians are concerned as every fourth person suffers from any of such diseases. Here one needs to note that many sub-diseases are part of the abovementioned primary diseases. Hence, from the viewpoint of an individual, it is necessary to go for the medical insurance where these illnesses are covered, and one can have financial protection in case of any of such disease is discovered.

The diseases such as cancer and kidney failure need heavy medication as well as surgeries. It can be one or multiple surgeries and one has to keep on paying hefty medical bills every time. Diseases like cancer and tumor may lead to long term cure with tremendous mental trauma and huge bills for treatment as well as medicines. After such expenses also one may not be sure about the medical condition of the patient. It is not that one can be treated at a specific location. The patient may required to be shifted to metro cities also where the medical facilities for the diseases are available.

None of these situations can be managed without money and hence to cover all these expenses one needs to have insurance first. In case of kidney failure one may have to face two situations. In the first one the patient needs to be taken for regular dialysis and in second one he needs to have donor to have the kidney transplant. None of these situations can be handled if one does not have enough money in his account. Transplant of kidney is considered as a major surgery and hence to save one’s situation the medical insurance is the only option.

Critical illness insurance policy at your rescue

In the market, one can find particular critical illness policies from various companies that cover multiple diseases mentioned above. One needs to check the policy thoroughly before going for paying the premium, as many times they have some terms and conditions as well as exceptions also. They must be considered before going for any of such policy else it can prove troublesome for the policyholder when he needs it most. The company may reject the claim in case of some diseases which are not covered under the policy.

Why go for critical illness policies?

The illnesses that are listed above can prove fatal from day one of detection as the fees of the medical consultants and surgeons are very high. In case one goes to a private hospital, it can be tough to meet the bills rising every minute. If the patient diagnosed with a critical illness happens to be the only breadwinner of his/her company, it can get quite difficult for his/her family to meet the expenses. Monthly income might come to a halt. For this reason, it is better to safeguard yourself and your family members by purchasing a critical illness insurance policy.

How to get the right critical illness policy?

First of all, one needs to check and monitor their health. In the case of some hereditary diseases, one needs to check the medical history of their family also. Some of these diseases may be due to bad habits, such as consumption of liquor and smoking as well as chewing tobacco. Leaving these habits and going for such policies can prove helpful to one. Certain medical conditions can showcase the probable hazard to health in the coming days. They can be a sedentary lifestyle, regular eating out, or even some situations where one has compromise with food quality due to traveling job.

Go for better coverage

Critical illnesses treatments are always costly; hence, one needs to go for better coverage so that the maximum of the medical cost can be covered. The coverage terms, cashless benefits, or reimbursement situations must be checked while going for the policy. One also needs to see if there is any sub-limit set by the insurance company for any specific condition or not. Some companies offer add-on benefits of riders with the primary policy. Hence the policyholder can have better coverage at a limited cost also. Looking at various requirements and risks, one can check a few of the policies from the market and get one that is most suitable to them as per the need.