What SEO Can Do For Your Business

  1. Boost Brand Awareness, Online Visibility And Search Engine Rankings

Your website can be the ultimate tool for your business to contact with your audience and to acquire high-quality leads, conversions and sales.

Most people seeking for products or services online use a search engine. If they don’t find your website, they won’t know you can sell them those things, and therefore you’ll be leaving money on the table by not being visible in search.

Organic search is the highest quality traffic source for websites. According to Advanced Web Ranking research, websites ranking on top of Google score a CTR averaging 30%-35%, while pages ranked on the 10th position get a CTR of about 1.4%. This makes it clear that raking first is well worth the trouble, as it results in the massive increase of the conversion rate. This is worth spending money and time on, that’s for sure. Your investment will return multiple times.

  1. Better User Experience

On-site SEO comes with the advantage of making your website more easy to use. Improving user experience is one of the goals of many on-page SEO strategies and tactics. It is a well-known fact that a better user experience may lead to better rankings in Google.

By implementing SEO tactics that focus on catering to the searcher’s intent and providing high-quality content that solves their problems, you can make your efforts work in your brand’s favour. Faster-loading, useful and engaging web pages can only please the search engine user landing on your website. Also, websites that are carefully optimised for mobile devices can enjoy a significant competitive edge, and therefore score better rankings.

Furthermore, SEO is currently putting a greater emphasis on the quality of the content and on providing users with the best answers to their search queries. Google has changed over the years to become an answer engine above everything else. Their SERPs are meant to cater to users asking questions, in order to offer their users the answers they need, in fewer clicks (and sometimes without them having to leave Google at all). If your website doesn’t provide this type of content, it may never rank as well as it could, leaving alone earning those featured snippets that can bring in a lot of high-quality traffic.

For best results, you’d want to focus your website on providing the best user experience possible by integrating your SEO tactics into an overall website design strategy. For more details about the basics of good website design, we kindly invite you to visit our web design services page. For readers in Basingstoke and surrounding areas you might want to do a Google search for ‘SEO Basingstoke’.

  1. The Secret Of Long-Term Success

Contrary to the popular belief that search engine optimisation is a long-term game, SEO can deliver quick results and generate profit even in the shorter term.

Nonetheless, what makes SEO stand out from the crowd of digital marketing activities and tactics is its ability to deliver impressive results in the long run. The long-term ROI of SEO is nothing short of amazing. Plant the seeds today to enjoy rich and flavourful crops over time. Even better, the benefits of your SEO efforts are cumulative.

It is also true that PPC is capable to deliver almost instant results. However, the very moment you stop pumping money into your PPC campaigns, the steady flow of targeted leads stops as well.

On the contrary, SEO can provide results even long after you’ve stopped spending money on it. Briefly put, SEO can be a solid foundation to build on, an excellent ground for the steady and healthy growth of your business. It can save you in difficult cash flow situations when PPC and other marketing activities have to stop for while.