What size ducting does my project need?

Every project is different and its ducting requirements will vary also. However, there are a couple of fundamental factors that you need to bear in mind when planning a project’s ducting needs.

Air volume
Airflow is critical in a ducting system. The system must be designed to accommodate the airflow needed for the building or room. For example, a large commercial kitchen would need a much larger system with greater airflow than a small domestic bathroom. A ducting system for a workshop where potentially hazardous chemicals are used will probably need to comply with a number of regulations.

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The ventilation system chosen to support the ducting must also be appropriate, and powerful enough to circulate or extract enough air. In-line or extraction fans will comprise part of the finished system. For some tips on installing eco-friendly ventilation, see this report in The Guardian.

Overall space

The dimensions of the building or room you are working in will also determine the size of the ducting system to some degree. Choosing a large system for a small innercity space will probably not work. Larger areas can accommodate larger systems, and the trick with installing the optimum system is to choose the ducting size that fits well with the area of the room or building, and also delivers the amount of airflow needed to keep the space dry, fresh and odour free.

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Remember that whatever ducting size you choose, the area needed for successful installation will need to be slightly bigger. It is a good idea to check a ducting size table before ordering to see how much extra space must be allotted for the ducting to be fitted professionally and safely.

Having the right ductwork parts for your project is also essential. If you want to find out more about what ductwork parts would be best, it is a good idea to contact a reputable supplier in this field such as https://www.dustspares.co.uk/ductwork-parts/, where you can get more information.

A successful ducting project begins with research and planning. Examine the space that needs to be ventilated, measure it accurately and then determine how powerful the system needs to be. Once you have this information, then you can look at choosing the right ducting system to deliver the performance needed in the space that is available.