What type of B1 examination do you need to take?

There are two sorts of B1 tests:

B1 GESE Quality 5

You must take as well as pass a SELT ot Secure English Language Test in a minimum of CEFR level B1 in Talking and Listening if you want to look for Indefinite Delegate Stay or Citizenship  of British.

This B1 Grade 5 examination takes only 10 minutes throughout which your talking, as well as listening, will be tested. You will get provisional outcomes on the very same day, whereas the certificate will be sent to you generally within seven days.

You may also require to take the UK Test as a component of the application. Bear in mind, it’s not a test of Trinity.


You should take as well as pass a SELT Examination at minumum CEFR in Reading, Talking, Composing, as well as Listening for a:

  • Rank 1,2,3 as well as four visas
  • Further Delegate Remain
  • Indefinite Delegate Stay
  • British Citizenship Naturalization
  • Application for a private hire driver license obtained by Transport for London on, or after, 14 October 2016.

This Trinity’s ISE I test covers four abilities: reading, speaking, creating, as well as paying attention. You sit the examination in 1 day as well as a certificate is usually sent out within 21 days.

Do you understand which one you need to pass? Otherwise, we recommend speaking to the HMRC or TFL to check the certification you require prior to you actually schedule the B1 examination.

Do you have the right files?

You would require one of the following, valid and not run out, papers in order to take the B1 examination:

  • Valid EEA/EU, ticket, or Swiss National ID cards.
  • Legitimate Biometric Home Authorization.
  • Travel Paper provided by the United Nations or the Red Cross Valid Vignette connected to a Migration Status File or a GV3 Document.

For more info, please click the link B1 English Test.