Where Can Realtors Find Content For Social Media?

It’s Monday morning, you’re searching blankly in the monitor when you make an effort to write you social media posts for your week. What in case you publish? The kitty meme? Another inspirational quote? A web link for the MLS listing?.

Marketing messages needs to be consistent across all marketing channels. So as opposed to stressing out about forcing brand-new content for social media, simply think about the marketing you are already doing and uncover ways to optimize it for social media. Have you ever recently send an instantaneous mail campaign? Can you send an each week enewsletter? Are you currently presently running an advert from your paper? A number of these marketing pieces can provide great material for just about any social media publish. Be preserving your messages consistent across all channels, you develop brand consistency which supports build brand recognition and trust.

Listed here are some common printed and mailed pieces that realtors use regularly and suggestions concerning how to put these pieces on digital channels.

Open House Invitation

Produce a celebration making use of your Facebook page to inquire about your supporters to have an open house. Then create a hyperlink compared to that event on Twitter, Google  and LinkedIn. Through the Open House, make certain to influence folks to check out your self on social media.

Just Listed or just Offered Postcard

Use the identical pictures and messaging within the postcard to make a blog publish. Then share a web link compared to that blog publish your social systems. Engage your supporters by asking which room may be the favorite and also have them guess simply how much they feel the house was offered for.

Property Flyer

Select a few from the finest photo within the flyer and employ them Instagram. Add a description (2-3 sentences) along with a couple of hashtags to produce your photo simpler discovered by those who aren’t following you yet.


Inside the experience part of LinkedIn you’ll be able to upload a digital type of testimonials from clients in document and video form. You may even communicate with past customers and you can keep them cause you to reviews on LinkedIn.

Trifold Agent Sales sales brochure

Just about any social media site has space for just about any bio, or possibly an “about me” section. As opposed to writing a totally new bio for each one, make text from your sales sales brochure or listing presentation and modify it for each social media.

Don’t kill yourself trying to create completely original content for every marketing funnel. Rather, take one fundamental message and optimize it for each funnel. Not only will it save time, along with your sanity, it’ll create brand consistency as well as the repetition will motivate your audience to behave.