Which Gaming Platform Is Right for You?

Recently the world of gaming has taken quite a big turn as something previously quite niche and targeted is becoming more appealing to a wider audience, whether on a casual basis as access from our handheld devices gets better or something on a more enthusiastic level as the world of esports continues to grow – but some platforms aren’t for everyone and choosing the wrong one at first may be discouraging, with this post hoping to aim you in the right direction to find your best fit! It is important to note that all platforms will have something appealing, and if you cannot find that straight away, to continue looking.

Mobile gaming – Often considered to be aimed at the more casual audience, mobile gaming is now the biggest gaming platform in the world with a suggested of 52% of all gaming done through our pocket devices. Recent pushes have been within the online betting and gambling genres as a growing number of people find sites useful at Casinos not on Gamstop for finding a place to play where others may have been blocked through certain initiatives – but there are a great number of other popular genres too. There has also been a move toward a developing mobile esports market for those looking to invest a little more time, but if you’re looking for something to pick up and put down at will without the need to invest a large amount of time to progress, mobile gaming may certainly be the platform for you – on top of this, accessibility options here are at their best as no additional purchase is often needed.

The consoles – With both Sony and Microsoft set to release their next generation of gaming consoles this holiday period, and with features that are looking extremely promising, now may be the perfect time to explore console gaming for many. With big pushes towards developing technology such as Virtual Reality, consoles are a perfect fit to those looking for something very casual or something in which more time can be invested – they do of course come with a price tag attached, alongside the additional cost of each game, but certainly worth exploring.

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PC gaming – The home of esports and the enthusiast, PC gaming certainly isn’t for everybody. Entry level systems can still hold a similar price tag to consoles, but more powerful systems quickly tack on the price alongside the additional cost of all of the peripherals that are needed. One big benefit here is that often many of the bigger games for multiplayer are free, and so does ease the cost somewhat. If you’re looking to move into the world of esports however, this is certainly the way in as the biggest games in the world are represented on the PC platform and will be the best way to find your start. Similarly, if you’re looking to get into the world of live streaming, PC gaming will often lend the most benefit for systems purpose built to do so.