Why dogs are good for our mental health

Dogs can bring a whole lot of joy to their owners’ lives, but were you also aware that owning a pet can also bring many mental-health benefits? Lots of research suggests that this is the case and there are also so many first-person accounts from people who have experienced all of these benefits themselves.

Do you think that you’d really benefit from owning a dog? Here are some ways you might find that your pet helps your mental health.

Dogs Provide Companionship

Dog owners get a new friend when they welcome a pup into their home. This can help to prevent the risk of loneliness, and there is also some evidence from research that suggests this form of companionship can help to reduce the risk of certain illnesses as well. Lots of dog owners find that looking after a dog gives them a sense of being needed and wanted, which can also help to add some purpose to their lives. 

They Can Improve Your Social Life

It can be quite difficult to make new friends in adulthood. Thankfully, though, owning a dog can open up your social life and you might be surprised by how many other dog owners you meet. You will find that dog owners regularly stop to have a quick chat with each other while out walking. Attending training classes and dog clubs can also be other fantastic opportunities for meeting new people too.

They Reduce Anxiety

There is also evidence to suggest that having a dog in the home can help to reduce anxiety, especially in children. That’s because there is a lot of comfort to be taken from companionship with a dog. Many people find that having a dog by their side can help their self-confidence increase and that they are more likely to live in the moment rather than worrying about things that might happen.

Dogs Ensure Your Days Have Structure

Your dog will be reliant on you for a number of things, including their food and exercise. This will ensure your days have structure, as they will need to be fed the best dog food in UK and go out for their walks around about the same time every day. People find that structure in their days helps to stave off feelings of anxiety and depression as it gives them a lot more focus. It also gives them a really good reason to get out of bed each and every day.

They Can Provide Sensory Stress Relief

Two of the best ways we can manage stress is by touch and movement. Simply stroking a dog is such a really good way to beat stress, as it can help to reduce blood pressure and promote calmer feelings. It’s a really good sensory relief for many common forms of stress. It’s also a really good excuse to stroke more dogs!

If you don’t already have a dog, then perhaps all of these mental-health benefits will encourage you to start thinking about getting one. Then you’ll always have a friend by your side!