Why Should You Implement A User Onboarding Software?


As a marketer or business owner, you must have come across the term ‘user onboarding’. It refers to the process through which you educate a new client about your offerings. Of course, expanding your clientele involves addressing their questions, and answering their concerns. This ensures that they undergo a smooth experience. With a powerful user onboarding software you can guide your clients through the process.

In the competitive business environment, many companies use contextual product walkthroughs while getting their app introduced to new users. With a dedicated app, you can seamlessly onboard your clients. The tool enables you to maximize your ROI, reducing the time to value by seamlessly guiding them through the app.

Benefits of using a user onboarding software

  1. Captivate clients’ attention: With a dedicated tooltip, you can captivate the attention of the users. In the process, you can educate them about the functionalities of your app. In the software, you need to get the tooltip anchored to a UI element. This is a kind of quick tutorial, through which your customers come to know what your app is capable of.
  2. Enhance engagement: In case you do not have a proper onboarding process in place, users tend to figure things out on their own. When you make the onboarding process interactive enough for your clients, you can benefit from enhanced engagement. For instance, you may come up with clickable tutorials, so as to demonstrate the value of your products. In the process, your clients get to know the prime benefits of the product.
  3. Mitigate customer support cost: An effective and smooth user onboarding process, like an interactive tutorial, can help you minimize cost of customer support. The difficulties get resolved right at the outset, automatically informing the customers about the relevant aspects.

Besides these benefits, adopting a new product becomes easier for customers, when you use a powerful user onboarding software. It is recommended to get such a tool developed by reputed professionals.