Why Your Child Should Learn How to Play the Piano

You might have stumbled upon some shops that are selling pianos with markdown sales in Singapore, so you may be wondering if it is worth buying one. You could give it as a present for your child so that he could learn a new instrument to play. They could learn new skills that would be useful for them in the future.

Keep on reading to know how learning the piano could benefit a child and get to learn how to choose a piano for children who are beginners.

How Kids Could Benefit from Learning the Piano

  • Become Determined

Learning the piano requires consistent hard work and concentration. It takes time for a child to master a piece, so discipline is the key to successfully mastering the instrument. Thus, if you decide to enrol your child to extracurricular activities like piano courses, then he would soon develop a disciplined attitude. Moreover, he would become determined and never knows how to give up even if the situation is difficult. Besides, learning the piano is not just a simple walk in the park. He has to practice every day to ensure he would be able to play beautifully.

Becoming determined and hardworking is something he can use in all aspects of life. He could use this attitude to reach his goals in the future.

However, keep in mind that the right attitude is not enough for a child to master the piano. You should also choose the right piano for him. Fortunately, many pianos are on sale in Singapore. For sure, you would be able to find a suitable piano for your child.

  • Enhance Listening Skills

Listening skills are crucial for a child to develop effective communication skills. So, if listening is a problem and he gets easily distracted, then you may want to let him learn how to play the piano. They would become sensitive to sounds, thus they would naturally learn how to listen well to others. These listening skills could be beneficial for improving their academic performance. Remember that teachers would still lean on auditory learning styles when teaching a new subject. Thus, if your child’s listening skills would greatly improve because of piano lessons, then this would also help him academically.

To better enhance their listening skills, hiring an experienced piano teacher is not just the solution. You should also invest in a piano with the finest quality. You may also opt for an autoplay piano so that your child could practise by himself. An autoplay piano has pre-recorded musical pieces that your child may play if he needs to review a specific musical piece.

  • Develop Motor Skills

Another skill that he could learn from playing the piano is motor skills. Having good motor skills would make them ambidextrous. This means they can do different physical activities at the same time. Ever wonder how it can help improve their motor skills? To play the piano, they do not only have to use their hands but also their feet. As a result, this would improve body coordination. They would learn how to easily adapt their bodies in different uncomfortable positions.

Having good motor skills could also be useful when they decide to try other hobbies like sports. They would be able to easily move their body around to perform well in athletic activities.

Having good motor skills could also be useful when they decide to try other hobbies like sports. They would be able to easily move their body around to perform well in athletic activities in sports.

  • Boost their Self-Confidence

Lastly, it would help boost their self-confidence. Once your child starts playing the piano, his teacher would ask him to participate in recitals. This would require him to perform in front of a large audience. Although it may be nerve-wracking for him at first, he would soon learn to enjoy the performance.  If he did well, and the audience applauds at his performance, then this would boost his confidence. Moreover, he would be motivated to do better after a successful performance, and this would further increase his self-esteem and fuel his determination. He believes he could continue doing great performances so he would strive harder.

How to Choose the Right Piano for Beginners

If you are convinced by the benefits that your child may get from playing the piano, then the more reason why you should buy a quality piano for him. It may be tricky to buy one because there are lots of pianos for sale in Singapore.

Aside from doing a price comparison on the different pianos in Singapore, you could start by buying a fully-weighted piano. Even though they would start learning a few keys, the range of notes that they would eventually learn would naturally broaden. So, if you want your kid to take their piano lessons seriously, you may want to invest in a fully-weighted piano. Moreover, weighted keys would help increase their finger strength. They would find this beneficial, especially if they would soon transition in playing a digital piano. It would be easier for them to switch in playing between the two types of piano.

However, if you want a quality that lasts for a lifetime, then you may want to opt for a digital piano. Unlike acoustic pianos, the digital ones would not go out of tune, as long as you properly maintain it.

If you are not sure which type of piano you should buy, then you may consult a piano teacher about it. You could also seek the help of the store attendants at music shops like Steinway Gallery Singapore. Not only do they have some helpful staff, but they have many pianos for sale in Singapore!