Your Definitive Guide to Linux Reseller Hosting

Hosting resellers buy hosting resources from a web host and resell them to their clients by creating smaller, customized hosting packages. It is a lucrative business provided you can cater to the hosting requirements of your clients and offer the best services at competitive prices. You can buy the Reseller Hosting plan based on Linux or Windows. This is a definitive guide to Linux-based Reseller Hosting Services.

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

When you buy a Reseller Hosting package, you can choose the operating system of the server based on your requirements. There are two options available – Windows & Linux. In a Linux Reseller Hosting plan, you use the Linux operating system to manage your hosting services. Both Linux and Windows have their own pros and cons for the Reseller Hosting business, and you need to compare the two while keeping your hosting requirements in your mind before buying.

Features & Benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting

While both Linux and Windows offer similar features, there are some differences between the two and most resellers prefer the Linux OS. Here are some features and benefits offered by Linux Reseller Hosting Services:

  1. Linux is an open-source platform and hence free. This is beneficial for resellers as the price of the hosting plan reduces, and they can offer competitive packages to their clients. Also, most Linux applications are free too
  2. As an operating system, Linux is regarded to be more secure and reliable as compared to Windows. A lot of it has to do with the fact that it is an open-source platform having several developers and technical experts testing its stability and security regularly. In fact, if any user identifies a problem, it usually gets solved in less than a day!
  3. Linux Reseller Plans offer some advanced options for offering FTP access to the host. These include SSH, Telnet, etc.
  4. One of the biggest benefits of opting for Linux is the support available for a wide array of programming languages right from basic languages to Ruby, PHP, etc.
  5. Linux plans also offer better control over the hosting environment. Linux-based plans usually come bundled with cPanel for site management. This is a simple and effective control panel that can help you run maintenance tasks, take regular backups, and manage the hosting environment with a few clicks.
  6. The Linux OS is compatible with a wide range of applications and software making it easier to cater to the varying requirements of your clients
  7. Linux is also known for its multitasking ability. It allows you to run several applications together without needing to close one

Summing Up

If you are thinking about starting a web hosting business, then you must think about the operating system that you need. While the Linux OS offers a range of benefits, there are many benefits to be derived from Windows-based Reseller Plans too. Compare them well and assess the hosting requirements of your target clients before making a decision. Good Luck!